Thursday, June 16, 2005

A bear with a sore head

I have a toothache that won't go away no matter how much I try to ignore it. I have made an appointment to see the dentist but in the meantime its giving me hell, I feel awful and probably acting like a bear with a sore head. I even talked myself out of getting up early this morning for a run. Instead I made a deal with myself that instead of swimming tomorrow morning (Friday) I would run instead, and then snuggled back under the blankets. I did run yesterday morning - an easy 46min run in minus two degrees weather. Then I went swimming last night at Belconnen pool and swam 1km in 20.49sec. I began and finished the session using a board and fins. Its always cold getting in the water but I warmed up fairly quickly and did feel a lot better for going for a swim. Swimming is something I really have to maintain year round because I'm not a great swimmer and its such hard work getting back into it, if I do take a break. If I tell myself often enough that swimming is good for me it might just get easier!

The weather is not sounding promising for the Terry Fox fun run on Sunday - 11 degrees, rain showers. Have no preconceived ideas of how I'll do in the 10km - if I still have the toothache it may not be great but considering I couldn't run this time last year due to a chronically inflamed ITB, just being able to do it will be great.


Luckylegs said...

Poor bear! Toothache is a terrible thing; in this cold weather that sort of pain is always worse, so a 'sore head' is putting it mildly I think.... you can get something from a chemist to help deaden the pain while waiting to see your dentist. It's been so very cold & windy here today too, but I ventured out to try the duck for dinner (thank you!). Not being used to eating such rich food & too much of it, I now feel like a big fat duck myself & will probably waddle like one at tomorrow's run! Hope you're out of pain soon. LL

strewth said...

I hope you don't have to wait too long for that dentist appointment. You have my deepest sympathy - toothache is the pits! If you go running in the morning make sure you keep warm around your face and best of luck for the Terry Fox on Sunday. I hope the weather improves there and here. It's forecast for 30deg here in the weekend just as we leave for more rain in Ireland - dreadful timing! I think Dave had a pretty good birthday - certainly different. Thanks for the message.