Sunday, June 26, 2005

Pink Betty Boop socks and a win!!!!

Event: Mt Ainslie long course, 9.3km
Group - 18
Time - 45.25min
Place - FIRST!!!!!!!!

Woke this morning feeling very stiff and tired from yesterday's efforts. A very overcast morning, about 5*C. Apparently it had rained quite a bit overnight which meant that the surface around Mt Ainslie would more than likely be muddy and slippery. Decided to wear new pink Betty Boop socks that I bought yesterday - they are so cute!!!!

Not surprisingly there was a good turnout for the monthly ACT veterans' athletics handicap run; they show up in all sorts of weather! I was in group 18 and I was eligible for points and a place this month, having run two previous races in April and May. The Mt Ainslie long course is 9.3km off-road, undulating with a huge hill near the end. Not far from the start it was extremely muddy and slippery but I found that the surface improved the further I ran, with only patches of mud to contend with. It was a very still morning, and the bush was glistening from the previous night's rain - it really was a lovely run (I just couldn't get the thought of that big hill out of my mind!).

Passed a friend, Mr B, who was returning in the short course run, and was obviously not feeling the best judging by the fact he was bending over and dry retching. He blamed it on that one drink too many the night before!!!

Was steadily passing people but everytime I looked ahead and seemed to be more groups of runners. However, after passing one guy he informed me that there were only three runners ahead of me - they looked so far away though. Concentrated on relaxing and enjoying the run (I really love running off-road but I don't do enough of it for fear of getting lost!) and before I knew I had passed those 3 runners and was heading toward that big hill with very tired legs. Its a gradual ascent and my quads were burning so much so that about halfway up the hill I gave in and walked for about 30secs, as I thought it would be quicker. Then I was off again and thank goodness the crest of the hill came into sight - it was a long run downhill after that. I had no idea who was behind me, or even how far anyone was behind me, but I was more interested in the finish line ahead of me. My first win in 9 years with the vets - yay!!! It might have something to do with my training but I think my new pink Betty Boop socks had a lot to do with it too!!!! Shame you weren't there Strewth but Roy, SpeedyGeoff, JD, JS and Mr B were there to witness it!!!

Also received a bronze medal for coming 3rd in my age group in the vets' marathon championships - part of the Canberra Marathon. Flash Duck received silver, well done! Strewth, you received gold and I'm holding it for you for when you return.

Exercise tally for the week:
Running - 4hr 51.37 (have no idea of distance)
Swimming - 3km
Cycling - zilch, zero
Gym - likewise
Yoga - Saturday


Aki said...

Great run CJ, some nasty hilly area in off road runs in Canberra, particularly in the Ainslie area. I'm sure the socks did it for you!

Carolyne said...

Definitely the socks, CJ!

Congratulations on your good run and win today, knowing that the hill is coming at the end doesn't make it any easier.

More socks are in order.

Jen_runs said...

Woohoo ! Congratulations CJ on your win. How exciting !

I think I need to get some of those socks....

strewth said...

Wow, just read your blog at 1.30am after packing for Europe tomorrow -well done and congratulations! Sorry to have missed your big moment - that's so exciting. Look forward to seeing that photo and to hearing what your new handicap will be! Those socks sound great but it was all that hard work that did it - again I say, well done!!