Friday, June 24, 2005

Another day - another run

Wednesday 22/06/05

Kept waking up during the night to check the time. Finally got up at about 5.10am but for some strange reason thought it was 6.10am. Was worried because I couldn't see any light or hear any movement from the caravan outside, where son no. 2 sleeps and who was being picked up for work at about 6.20am. Hurried outside, after suitably rugging up to face the elements, to wake him up. Repeatedly knocked on the door and called out and eventually got a muffled response from the depths- "I don't get up til 6, its only quarter past 5". Oops, snuck back indoors after apologising profusely through the caravan door! Memo to self - check clock carefully before doing this again, and be especially nice to son no. 2 tonight!

Decided to have an energy gel with my coffee as I had an easy one hour run this morning. Didn't want to feel like I did yesterday, out of energy and feeling flat. Took my ipod for company and for motivation - "You could be mine" by Guns'n'Roses as I'm struggling up a very long incline really does help. Wore leggings, running singlet, long sleeved running top and lightweight jacket, headband, and cap but decided against the gloves. About halfway in my run, rolled up the sleeves of my jacket. An uneventful run in the dark, avoiding known muddy spots, uneven footpaths, oncoming traffic and the occasional ferocious-sounding, salivating dog. Passed a couple of people out walking their dogs and one other jogger. Saw a couple of cyclists and was happy that I was running and not cycling - I did cycle through one Canberra winter, in the early hours of the morning, and bloody well froze. Never again!!! No twinges, niggles or sore spots - touch wood.

Drunk far too much coffee, consumed far too many Fantales (not good for someone who has just gone through root canal treatment) but resisted the sticky date muffins in the cafeteria (alright, I admit, there were none left when I went back at lunchtime). Instead had a feta cheese salad followed by a mandarin, not quite the same though is it! Had a Tim Tam later in the afternoon.

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