Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tell me why.......

One thing has got me fascinated when at the gym and its those people who sit on the exercise bikes with a magazine and look like they are going for a gentle cycle. So, what exactly are they achieving by doing what appears to me to be a pointless exercise as they are hardly raising a sweat and I doubt their heart rate gets about their resting rate? As for me, there is no doubts about what I’ve been doing – working my butt off as the sweat is pouring off me – not pretty but effective. I just can’t see the point of going to the gym to read a magazine – there are a lot more comfortable places to do that and sitting on an exercise bike is not one of them…or the stepper for that matter.

This morning’s session – gym – legs/arms + abs/core

The biceps curl exercise is coming along slowly – I am managing to do a couple of extra reps on the 2nd and 3rd sets. I’m still lifting girlie weights but its such hard work. The ab exercise using the 3kg medicine ball ain’t a lot of fun either – buts again, its effective. I think of all the people that annoy me as I’m sitting and twisting (with feet off the floor and sitting leaning back) and lugging the medicine ball from side to side – seems to help!

Yesterday afternoon – cardio session, elliptical trainer

Duration – 20mins
MHR – 167

I was meant to do 40mins: 20mins on the elliptical trainer followed by 20mins on the stepper but after waiting around for what seemed like ages for someone to finish on the stepper machine I decided to cut my losses and do the session the next morning after my weights session (which I did). It was one of those hot and sweaty sessions!

If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, I know I can achieve it.
(Jesse Jackson, American civil-rights leader, baptist minister and politician)


Tesso said...

I know what you are talking about at the gym CJ, its so annoying if you are waiting to use equipment and the person on it seems to be out for a Sunday stroll. As much as I hate to admit it its not so bad at my gym now Fitness First have taken over. With the previous owners there was much less gear and it was hopeless, nobody took any notice of the time limit signs.

Jen_runs said...

I have no idea CJ. It's like the women who get on the treadmills. Our have little tvs in them and people seem to get on it and stroll like they were walking down to the shop to get the paper on a Sunday morning. No wonder my gym cancelled spin class with lazy chicks like that!

[/end rant] :-)

Cliff said...

The worst is when a bunch of guys come in and start smack talking each other. Of course, each try to imprress each other and kill themselves with poor forms and techniques lifting weights that are way too heavy for them.

High level testostrone is not a good place to work out. I avoid that like a plague

KIT said...

The ellipital trainer is great!!! It is good to do intervals on.

I always want to give those girls a shake!