Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Runners aren’t obsessed…..are we?!

The reason I say/ask this is because last night at speedygeoff’s interval session at Parliament House it was hilarious listening to people’s comments/questions re the distance we were running around the various tracks. There was checking and double checking people’s times against estimated distances and then comparing these against distances tracked by Garmins. Nah, we’re not obsessed, its called ‘attention to detail’!

Anyway it was quite a fun session, even if I say so myself. Many of us were prepared for night-time running this week and had torches or headlights for the dark stretches of the runs. The short intervals were just as hard as the longer ones because these included a nasty little hill near the finish. In all, we ran 3 longer intervals (approx. 800m) and 3 shorter ones (approx. 400m) and in total we probably ran about 8km, including the warm up and cool down.

Last Friday 26 May

Session – Gym – legs/arms plus core/abs

I think it well – seems so long ago now!


Session – Moderate run

Distance – 9.5km
Time – 50.21min
Av pace – 5.15min/km
AHR – 152; MHR – 168

This was left later in the day because I desperately wanted to sleep-in and then we had to go shopping and before I knew it, several coffees and lunch later, it was getting late in the afternoon and I still hadn’t run. Hmmm. The glute was ever so sore which is really frustrating because I have cut back on my running and I am stretching all the rest. Anyway it was a reasonable run.


Session – Vets’ monthly run – Oakey Hill

Distance – 7.5km
Time – 38.12min
Av pace – 5.06min/km
AHR – 167; MHR – 180
Started in Group 25
Place – 85, I think

It was a very undulating run but a lot of it I was familiar with, from running the Barbecue Stakes – parts of this course was similar to that run. I ran it very conservatively mainly because my glute was sore and it didn’t like hilly courses. This meant that I was passed by a lot, if not all, the back markers – they all hurtled past at some point, huffing, puffing, and generally making a lot of noise. At one point, when crossing a wooden style-type thing, I looked behind only to see a group of very fast, very focussed men charging towards me – I moved very quickly to avoid being run over! All in all, it was a comfortable run, though definitely not one of my fastest.

Monday 29 May

Our kitchen arrived today – though you would be hard pressed to know it was a kitchen – it looked like a lot of lengths of wood of varying lengths.

Session – gym – back/chest/shoulder plus abs/core

Increased the weights on my most of my exercises knowing that I was going to pay the price the following day.

"Accept no one's definition of your life, but define yourself."
Harvey Fierstein


Tesso said...

Gosh, it must be freezing running in the evening down there! Then again I suppose its freezing running in the morning too.

You'll have to put some piccies of the new kitchen in your blog to make us all jealous.

Wobbly man said...

Oooh, just imagine the gourmet foods you will be able to whip up after your next interval session... As Tesso says - pics mate, we need pics !

iliketoast said...

Obsessed? ...... Yep

splits, PB's, race pace, reps, recovery runs, everything measured to the metre .... lets face it, runners make trekkies look normal

Ewen said...

Didn't Strewth say the 400 was really 403 metres!

The headlights make it fun - maybe we can hook up heated gloves?

Susan said...

I like the heated gloves idea - brilliant.

Rae said...

You are going to HAVE to post some pics of your new place!!

Happy running!