Monday, May 08, 2006

Earth to CJ........

No, I have not been sucked up by any spaceships for testing by aliens; I have not fallen off the face of the earth; I have not given up all of my earthly possession and sworn a vow of poverty; I have not gone into self-imposed exile due to over consumption of chocolate; but I have been very very busy! And not having internet access at home also makes it difficult to update my blog.

So rather than bore you to tears with what I have been up to since god knows when, here is a brief update of the life of CJ:

Friday 28 – 6km run; 33.06min; av pace – 4.46min/km

Saturday 29 – 16km run; 1hr 27.23min; av pace – 5.28min/km

Sunday 30 – monthly vets run at Majura nature park, 10km hilly course
Went off in Group 25; Finished in 36th place
Time – 47.43min; Av pace – 4.46min/km

Monday 1 – Operation May Day begins
This means cleaning up my diet; and increasing my exercise because I have put on 3kg and feel like a fat and lazy blob. So for 12 weeks I will clean up my act.
pm – did ab exercises

Tuesday 2 – 25th wedding anniversary!!!!!!!
Interval run including 7 x 2min hard (1min easier)
6.3km; 32.54min; Av pace – 5.09min/km
Noon – Gym – did upper body weights plus abs

Went out for dinner so put diet on hold for one night!!!!

Wednesday 3 –
8.9km run; 49.14min; Av pace – 5.31min/km
pm – ab exercises

Thursday 4 –
Noon – Gym – lower body weights session followed by 20mins on elliptical trainer, 10mins on rower and 10mins on stepper. I was knackered when finished!
Pm – yoga

Friday 5 –
Interval run including 7 x 2min hard (1min easier)
6.4km; 33.31min; Av pace – 5.13min/km
pm – ab exercises

Saturday 6 –
Long run – 20km; 1hr 50.08min; Av pace – 5.30min/km

Sunday 7 – Rest day (and I hab a cold...sniff)

So I have been busy – at work and outside of work. But I will try and keep my blog up-to-date and not get so far behind in future.

In short – I’M BACK!


allrounder said...

i was wondering where you had got to!...busy as usual...

KIT said...

Hey! Glad to hear form you :-) Sounds like you are back into things. I have a few probs with my pelvis and back... I felt great for 2 weeks after Canberra and then pain. So I am benched, hopefully not too much longer. Are you going to aim for Sydney marathon?

Hilda said...

I told you, I been wishing your house is finish soon, so you will have your internet access at home, I miss you!!

Good to know about your running and racing, happy aniversary!!

2P said...

So obviously the memory blockers the aliens put in are working ;-)

Some nice runs in that lot CJ - great to have you back.

BeanieBum said...

Welcome back CJ! Good reading about what you've been up to (very disappointing there were no extraterrestrial encounters though) and happy anniversary to you and Mr CJ!

Lulu said...

Happy anniversary to the CJs and I'm glad you weren't abducted by aliens.

Hope your cold clears up soon. I hate colds.

miners said...

looks like we both had the same idea!

Good to see you're back amongst us :)

Ewen said...

I'll call off the search party CJ.

You didn't use 25 exclamation marks!

Cirque said...

Busy Schmizzy. No excuse not to keep us updated :)

Glad the aliens didn't getcha!

strewth said...

Great to have you back blogging CJ - I miss your blog and gee, you've been doing heaps of training. Operation Mayday is working well!

Jen_runs said...

Welcome back! You've been missed

Susan said...

Welcome back CJ - we've missed you.

Tesso said...

Ok, we better call of that search party.

Good to have you back CJ. Soooo, what's the next big event?

Friar said...

With your dtermination, the 3kg will be shed easily and you'll be back to a trim taut and terrific CJ.

Happy Anniversary also.

You give everybody great updates to comment on.

I have often wondered whether your blog holds the record for the most number of comments.

Rae said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Welcome back!