Friday, May 19, 2006

I am so over running

*Warning – a whinge coming up*

I know, I never thought I would utter those words so I should wash my mouth out with soap – oh such blasphemy. But honestly, I’m sick of the little niggles I have that just won’t go away, like my glute problem and the new problem with my left foot – I seem to have irritated a nerve (I have the tendency to do that!) under the ball of my foot and when I run I get a burning pins and needles sensation – not pleasant. And lately when I run, its more like plodding. Its such hard work.

Ok, enough of the whingeing. I’m sure I’ll get over it. I think its lack of chocolate that’s making me grumpy. However, the fact that I also helped another runner to a PB at the half marathon last Sunday (yay Liza!) has cheered me up a little.

This morning at the bright and early hour of 6.30am I was back in the gym doing an upper body session followed by core stability and strength exercises (yes Ewen, I’m not solely focusing on my abs!). Observed a touch of gym rage, if you could call it that, when an older woman and a young one argued over the length of time the younger one was on the cross-trainer. Thought it might come to fisticuffs but then the older woman huffed and puffed and plonked herself on the bike and waited, looking at her watch every now and then just to make a point!

Moderate run

Distance: 8.6km
Time: 49.10min
Av pace: 5.42min/km
AHR: 140; MHR: 161

Felt like I had lead weights tied to my legs – it was miserable. I have never felt so slow and awkward as I did when running yesterday. I think my average pace says it all.


Morning session: gym – lower body weights plus core stability and strength exercises

Lunchtime session: run inc 7 x 2min intervals (1min RI)
Distance: 6.6km
Time: 34.14min
Av pace: 5.09min/km

It was actually not too bad a run. I think I prefer running in the middle of the day as opposed to the end of the day, after work. Hungry all afternoon though and felt like a nana nap.


speedygeoff said...

Gee I'm glad I haven't encountered CJ in a fit of gym rage, now there's a scary thought!

You could join us plodders on a Monday or Thursday, you'd feel fast again compared to us.

You could bring good CJ and leave evil CJ at home. (We have filled our "evil" quota).

Ewen said...

That's a relief CJ, although, if you do get observable abs I'll compliment you.

5:42/km is a killer Six Foot pace. ;)

Luckylegs said...

Blogs are for whinging or anything else you want to say, CJ! I think it's lack of chocolate...which reminds me - I have a big slab in the fridge..I'm off!

Carolyne said...

Gee, sounds like you need a break to refresh yourself.Take care

2P said...

Hehehe reminds me of that comedy show - "I hear what you are saying and it sounds like - oooo poor me - got a sore tootsie and my bum hurts...."

Sorry - couldn't resist.

CJ chill out mate, heal - find a new goal and start to enjoy it again.

You have too much talent not to ;-)

Hilda said...

After the bad run then a better one, that looks like improvement.

You know what? This is a good place to complain, with the ones who understand you.
Too much pain and you just go on? what is this? everyone asks, right? but here...

Your crap pace is my best, so for me you were doing great!! lol

Friar said...

"Felt like I had lead weights tied to my legs"

Strange co-incidence, I was looking in Rebel Sports yesterday, and they have ankle weights, that you tie/wrap around your ankles/wrists when exercising.

Wonder whether, If I use those when training, and then go in a race without them, would I get faster?

Lulu said...

Maybe you do need a mini-break! I have just had a couple of weeks with just one or two runs and my niggles have really settled down.

Hope you get your mojo back soon!

Johnny Dark said...

Hang in there CJ.


KIT said...

Hehehe I had the hissy fit myself a few days ago " thats it , Iam not running again, I am sick of my pelvis blah blah".... ray just smiled at me. Then I cheered at the half and became motivated again to fix this niggle and run in Sydney in Sep. Take care you will bounce back!

Black Knight said...

Yes, sometimes we feel miserable, but I think that many persons would like to feel miserable running at a 5.42 pace!

Clairie said...

I felt the same when I started running again after Canberra. Some time off certainly helped that.

Become a gym junkie for a while and do some running to warm up/aerobic work but not as the 'main focus'. Soon enough you'll feel good all over and want to get back into racing and running more.

I think mentally when we achieve a goal we have been striving for we become very 'blah' afterwards. You got back into it after Canberra (I was jealous!!) quite well but the niggles are letting you down now.
Every word you wrote I was nodding at so just be reassured that you are not alone in both your feelings and struggles.

Aki said...

I'm currently going to have a couple of days off - could be that you need something similar. All that hard work's caught up on you so let your body recuperate before you torture it more.

And give yourself a timelimit to get back into it again to make sure you do. I'm sure you already know all of this. :rolleyes:

Susan said...

It does sound like you need a break! Hee, I'd like to see Gym Rage CJ sometime. I bet it's cute.

Jen_runs said...

I can't picture gym rage CJ either. Love to see it ;-)

Take it easy on yourself CJ. Maybe take a mini-break - get the bike out instead - or just stay in bed for a while. Sounds like you need a break