Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Desperately seeking abs

If I take a deep breath, suck in my stomach, squint my eyes, breathe in a little deeper, turn sideways to the mirror, squint some more, suck the stomach in even harder until I’m blue in the face and in danger of passing out, I can just glimpse an ab muscle there. Trouble is I can’t walk around like that – apart from suffering from extreme oxygen deprivation, I’d look a little strange.

So I was back in the gym at lunchtime lifting weights, then getting all hot and sweaty on the elliptical trainer and stepper, and finally finishing off with the all-important ab exercises. I’ll find those ab muscles or die trying!

I went for a run yesterday afternoon, after work. Now I’m a hardcore morning runner so running after work was a major challenge for me but I did it (the many excuses I had just didn’t stand up to logical analysis!). The bizarre thing was that I felt really slow but in actual fact, my pace was no slower than the other days when I do this session before work. Hmmm, strange.

Distance: 5.7km inc 7 x 2min intervals (1min RI)
Time: 29.29min
Av pace: 5.10min/km
AHR: 150; MHR: 167

Ps: Just to set the record straight, in case anyone thought I was having a right old whinge about Sunday’s run –I was happy with my time, it was just the way I felt – like crap! But I’m glad I played a part in Aki getting a PB. Can’t ask for more than that!


speedygeoff said...

(I am not a morning runner but) it is a known fact that morning runs are more valuable than evening runs because you have to work harder to achieve the same pace in the morning than in the evening.

One advises to do moderate distance endurance and recovery runs in the morning, pushing hard if you like but not expecting to be fast, and keeping the afternoons for all runs where pace and speed are important, especially interval sessions.

Cirque said...

Funny how different it feels to run at a different time of day. I often find it hard to get out after work, and yet once you do it's such a fantastic way to get rid of the stresses of the day.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Cathy for keeping me focussed during the first 10kms of the Half and for your tips on the carbo loading. Helped me run my PB. See you in Broulee for that run soon I hope.


iliketoast said...

I think it is good to mix up the goals such as helping others ... and I'm sure Aki appreciates it too.

Susan said...

When you find your abs - will you look for some for me?

Hilda said...

Just can't disciplinate myself to run in the afternoon...

The abs are there, you are a stong woman, it is just that maybe some chocolate is covering them, but they are there!

The Pb is the best, just a shame you couldn't enjoy it enough.

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Ewen said...

Abs? We'll see them by summer.

By the way, just don't 'do abs', do all the core muscle groups. They are what help you to run fast. :)

Aki said...

I liked running near you, it's nice around all those strangers to see an 'ally' nearby. I'm sorry you had such a hard time out there, but so did Geoff and he's come from the marathon too, I think that and the gym work have a huge thing to answer for here.

I shudder to think of how fast you'd be if you were feeling good!

E-Speed said...

I feel ya. I will never have good abs. At least my "donut" is small :)

I nicknamed my belly and lovehandles my donut. I seriously think it helps in those late miles of a race! It's like my extra fuel pack!

2P said...

Go the surgery option for abs - faster and ultimately cheaper than going to the gym :-)

Tesso said...

I find my abs the same way, except I have to do all that while lying down. And then I like punching them to see if I can hurt my hand :-)

bluepaul said...

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