Thursday, May 11, 2006

Gym junkie or gym monkey?

I fear its probably the latter – I’m still familiarising myself with the large assortment of equipment in the upstairs gym (it’s a lot bigger than the women’s gym and contains bigger, scarier and heavier equipment), let alone trying to work out how to use what looks like torture equipment. Also, I’m so uncoordinated when it comes to some of the cardio equipment – especially the elliptical trainer. If I don’t think about what I’m doing I’m okay – my arms and legs know what to do. Bust as soon as I start thinking about what I am doing or even look at what I’m doing my arms and legs refuse to work together. One day I’ll manage to wrap myself around the bloody machine!

Anyways…this morning’s workout – Gym

Lower body and arms weights session:
·Leg press
·Leg extension
·DB squat with swiss ball
·DB biceps curl
·DB overhead triceps extension

This was followed by ab/core strength and stability exercises:
·Back extension with swiss ball
·V-sit – twisting with medicine ball (character building)
·Bicycle crunches
·Modified plank – 3 x 40sec

Tonight: yoga

Tomorrow: 30min interval run


2P said...

Master the elliptical trainer and the world will be your oyster - nothing you can't do.

Tesso said...

What I did when my local Fitness First opened was subtley follow PT's around and listen in to the instructions they were giving to their clients. I learnt heaps :-)

Hilda said...

Have fun on that gym that sounds so fun!!