Thursday, June 01, 2006

Jelly legs

I was particularly hard on my legs yesterday. First I had the weights session in the morning, which focused on legs, and followed this with 20mins on the stepper. Then after work it was on my bike on the windtrainer for the mother of all interval sessions – 10 x 2min efforts with 1 min RI.

Time on bike – 40min, inc 5min WU and 5min CD.
AHR – 132
MHR – 163

Compared to last week, my AHR was about the same but my MHR was a little higher so I must have been working harder! It certainly felt like it. If I don’t lose those lumpy bumpy thighs over the next 7 weeks then nothing will shift them (the lumps and bumps, that is, not my thighs!). I always feel like I’ve put in a hard session after being on my bike.

Wet, wet, wet

Its raining today – something we haven’t seen here for a long while. And I also went swimming and then had brekkie with Strewth and Mr B.

Session – swim
Distance – 600m
Time – 13.09min

A much better swim than last week but I still felt a little uncoordinated – its scary how much fitness and technique I seem to lose after a couple of months of no swimming.

Island problems and other house things

Well, our kitchen has arrived and is being installed – in fact, it should probably be about finished by now. Up until now we have had a relatively problem-free renovation but yesterday that was about to change. I showed up for the site meeting after work to see the architect, the builder, the installer and Mr CJ standing around several cupboard modules, all with extremely worried looks on their faces. Not good, not good. It seems that the island was way too big for the kitchen and looked out of place so they were trying various configurations – it was like moving large lego blocks around. Several hours later the installer (Harry – lovely guy), Mr CJ and I finally came up with a smaller configuration that we can live with – and we only lose one small cupboard. So *fingers crossed* the rest of the installation has gone well. No doubt I will hear from Mr CJ later this afternoon when he goes around to have a look.

The bathroom has been waterproofed, now if they can just find our custom built vanities which seem to have gone missing (from the factory), our bathroom should be completed next week. The tiles will be delivered tomorrow/Monday.

The front door is up (its so cool – I love it) but will get a 2 pack polyurethane coating in black once the house has been completed. The painters will start in a couple of weeks, we just have to decide on colours (more decisions). They will start on the decks soon, and the completion date looks to be the end of June. It’s all looking good (except for the kitchen island issue and hopefully that’s been resolved).

"Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional" - Roger Crawford


iliketoast said...

There is a couple of races ahead ... but i'm wondering what the next big one will be?

love to see any pics of the renovation if you get some

speedygeoff said...

Kitchen? Dear oh dear oh dear.....