Monday, May 15, 2006

Not pretty

Run: Canberra half marathon, 21.1km
Time taken: 1hr 44.44min
Av pace: 4.55min/km
AHR: 172; MHR: 224

I’ve decided that sometimes its probably better to listen to your body. On Sunday morning it was telling me that it really didn’t want to run a half marathon. Seeing as it was Mother’s Day all it really wanted to do was sleep in and get breakfast in bed. However I ignored the nagging little voice in my head (bad move) and reluctantly got up to have breakfast and get ready for the run. I certainly wasn’t going to be firing on all cylinders today…….

There were lots of people milling around the start near the yacht club when we arrived. It actually wasn’t as cold as I imagined it would be so it wasn’t too hard removing my jacket: 5*c instead of minus 5*c! There was the usual jostling for places, banter about times people were hoping to run and then we were off – for me it was to the Korn song “Twisted Transistor”.

Aki ran alongside me, just ahead or just behind me for most of the way. Liza, who I hadn’t seen since the half marathon in August last year, ran past me near Scrivener Dam. She did say something to me but I couldn’t hear because of the music playing so she said she would see me at the end. She was running really well and looked very comfortable. I, in the meantime, was feeling like crap and probably looking it and everything hurt – my feet, my hamstring and my ever-present companion, the niggly glute. At the 15km mark I would’ve been quite happy to finish – I really wasn’t interested. Aki was storming ahead and looking so good – that girl has improved out of sight over the past year. Mr B passed me not long past the turnaround near the Carillon. In fact, it felt like everyone was passing me.

After what seemed like an eternity pounding the pavement it was wonderful to see the finish shute. It’s hard to believe that a little over a month ago I ran twice the distance faster and a whole lot better than I ran this race. Spoke to a jubilant Liza who had run a great race and a PB. Also spoke to Mr B who had run about 1hr 42min for his first half marathon. Whereas Strewth and I looked like we were over the whole running thing!

Something I did learn: Lots of gym work, no taper, a high protein/mod carb diet and half marathons don’t go together! C’est la vie....and back to the gym tomorrow.


Ewen said...

Now I know who the 'not pretty' one is in Strewth's photo!

At least you provided Aki with a good race and motivation CJ.

Are you sure everything hurt? Were your teeth hurting? Was your throat burning?

Tesso said...

CJ, its not that long since Canberra Marathon so don't beat yourself up too much. I think 1:44 is a great time considering. Sounds like you provided Aki with such a challenge, and look what a run she had!

Have you decided on your next BIG race yet?

2P said...

Hang on.... I think I heard you say it wasn't pretty... I'm sorry there must be a syntax error, or parity error, or one of those error thingee's that just does not compute.... because I also read that you ran a 1.44 half marathon!

CJ give yourself an uppercut (with the greatest respect) - 1.44 is a brilliant time so close to your spendiferous time at the full - QED - the judges decision is final no corresspondence etc shall be entered into yada yada......

Lulu said...

Sorry you didn't have a good race on Mother's Day. You certainly seemed to give Aki a great race though. Hope all the gym work and mod carb diet is paying off.

KIT said...

Hey don't beat yourself up....those leg exerciuses would have taken heaps out of those legs. I completely ignore my lower body at the gym the week before a race.... great running anyway.

Rae said...

Sorry you had such a "bad" half, that's still a great time though!! I'm sure the next one will be much smoother!