Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Fun, fun, fun

Gosh I can’t remember the last time I’ve had so much fun running hills as I did at last night’s session at Parliament House. It was a crisp night (read – bloody freezing cold) but the company and the actual session soon warmed me up. (How’s that Geoff – have I gushed sufficiently?!)

Seriously I’m glad I showed up for speedygeoff’s session last night. I think I need some company when running at the moment – takes my mind off all my niggles and provides motivation that is sadly lacking.

The session involved intervals of about 600m on 5mins and this included 3 times up the hill for each interval. It was hard work but I felt myself improving with each one. However my glute complained bitterly about the hills and in fact is still complaining this morning.

Monday morning – gym session
Lower body weights plus arms session plus core stability and strength exercises.

More fun than I can handle on a Monday morning! Did my leg press, leg extension, swiss ball squat with weights, biceps curl and overhead triceps extension, concentrating on form. My biceps curl is pretty sad – I start well with 12 reps in the first set but by the third set all I can manage is about 3 reps.

Sunday – rest day – this involved sleeping in and retail therapy later in the day!

Saturday – long run
Distance – 12km
Time – 1hr 08.51min
Av pace – 5.45min/km
AHR – 144; MHR – 192

A pleasant run that I did early in the morning. I ran down to Lake Burley Griffin and then anti-clockwise, stopping at the top of the hill going down to Scrivener Dam, and then retraced my steps. I didn’t look at my watch while running – preferring just to run comfortably and if that was at a slow pace, so be it.

Thanks for all the encouraging comments I received following my whinge. I’ve decided to just run for fun and pleasure at the moment and not train for anything until the glute and foot settle down again. I’m looking to running the Vet’s half marathon in late August with several runs before including Terry Fox 10km next month, Bush Capital 25km in late July and City to Surf in August. While I’ll hope to run a decent half marathon time, I’m not planning on great times for the other races.

Meanwhile I’ll enjoy being a gym junkie for a few months!


Hilda said...

Hope you end recovering soon so you can enjoy more, but seems like you already are! 192 MHR with no effort sound amazing, just as you are!!

2P said...

Good for you CJ - sounds like a great plan. Hmmm bush capital 25k....

Ewen said...

Yes, I think that was a satisfactory amount of gush CJ. You should have saved 'bloody freezing' for tonight. I'm looking for a gym!

I think you'll enjoy a light winter.

iliketoast said...

i've been agonizing over what to say about the "i'm over running" thing and then i read this ... looks like i'm off the hook ... party on!

Susan said...

I'm glad you run was good CJ.

KIT said...

Fun sounds like a great plan!!! Take care and you will be back sparking again soon.

Tesso said...

Good thinking CJ. You put so much blood and guts into Canberra you deserve to run just for the pure pleasure of it for a while.

And what timing to become a gym junkie - winter!

Rae said...

Enjoy your anti-training season! I'm in a bit of one right now and it's so nice to just run for fun and not really press myself.