Friday, May 12, 2006

Dead legs

Session: 7 x 2min intervals (1min RI)
Distance: 6km
Time taken: 31.40min
Av pace: 5.17min/km (it felt faster than this!)
AHR: 154; MHR: 191

This morning’s interval session was bloody hard work after the lower body weights session yesterday. However I worked my arse off during the 7 x 2min fast intervals and mentally ticked them off as I completed each one. Some days are like this – I persevere and push through the tiredness, the heaviness and slowness and yet on other days I just completely wimp out. So a good short session this morning.

Tomorrow: Rest day though will do ab/core stability and strength exercises

Sunday – Canberra half marathon & Mothers Day. So happy mothers day to all the mothers out there!


2P said...

Well done for stickin it CJ ;-)

Ewen said...

At least you did the session CJ. I don't know why runners are grumpier about bad speedwork than a bad steady run. After all, there are good days and poor days in all sessions.

iliketoast said...

I have word for those run ..... Oi Potatoe! .... was originally OIGTOBAHDATO .... I made it up .... it isn't a real word ..... I know that might shock you .... it actually means Oh It's Going To Be A Hard Day At The Office.

Still waiting on Websters Dictionary to call me back about my submission to have it included in the next edition.

I'll let you know.

Hilda said...

Happy mother's day, in Mexico we already celebreted it on may 10th!

I wish you enjoy a lot Sunday, running the half!!

D said...

Good luck this weekend and happy MOM's day!

KIT said...

Good luck tommorow and happy mothers day!!!!

Friar said...

I thought Mothers Day was the first Sunday in May?

So why did they shift it this year?

To help CJ celebrate a great run in the Half Marathon.

Lulu said...

Have a great mother's day run and I hope your boys are going to waiting at the end with coffee and chocolate.

Friar said...

I have now been suitably informed that Mothers Day always was and always will be the second Sunday in May.

That Sri Chinmoy called their 4k/10k runs on May 7th, "Mothers Day" Fun Runs, really threw me this year.