Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sweat baby sweat

Because of the cold and inclement weather yesterday afternoon I decided to forgo the run outdoors and do my 40min cardio session at the gym. I lugged my backpack (containing my running clothes), my ‘Shop til you drop’ tote bag containing stuff I need during the day at work such as food containers, organiser, work shoes (I wear joggers to the car) etc, my green shopping bag containing food items I had bought at the supermarket during my lunchbreak, and my shoulder bag to the car – it was a weight training session in itself.

Once changed and with my trusty ipod strapped on I hit the elliptical trainer for 20mins getting faster and increasing the resistance the longer I was on there. The sweat was pouring off me – looked pretty gross. Then I followed this up with 20mins on the stepper, again increasing the intensity. It looked pretty funny when I increased the resistance for the final hard 5min session – I could barely push the pedals down! And then when I reduced the resistance I nearly drove the pedal through the floor! By the end I was hot, sweaty and feeling pretty chuffed with myself for completing a hard cardio session.

After dinner, dishes and making my lunch for the next day I lay on the carpet in the lounge to watch TV, in front of the heater, and promptly fell asleep.

Tuesday morning

Session – SWIM
Distance – 500m (!)
Time – 11.29min

The 5th of January was the last time I went swimming and on that day I swam 1km. Tuesday morning I swam 500m and I felt every metre of that 500m! Well, actually, the first 50m was great – no worries, this will be a breeze. The 2nd 50m was a bit more difficult and by the 3rd 50m I was finding it hard work. How on earth did I manage to synchronise breathing with moving arms and legs and actually moving down the pool? I thought these processes were imprinted in my muscle memory – I guess my muscles were having a senior’s moment ie short-term memory loss! However by the 450m I was beginning to improve but that may be because I could see the end in sight. Next week I have set myself the challenge of swimming 600m. The best thing about swimming in the morning is the breakfast afterwards with Strewth and Mr B. It was at Sabayon and I had a cappuccino and french toast with berries and maple syrup – yummo.


Tesso said...

I can understand how you can get to the gym in winter, but swimming!!!! Even if its a indoor pool it still sounds scary to me.

Susan said...

mmmm, that bfast sounds so good right now!

strewth said...

That brekkie was so good and today I had a repeat experience only without the swimming included! The cappuccino was so good - I'm addicted to Sabayon now!! TY for your messages today - I was thoroughly spoilt!

Hilda said...

That swimming session seems pretty scary... if CJ feels like that, well, nothing then is recorded on our muscles.