Thursday, May 25, 2006

Q. How long is 2 minutes?

A. An excruciatingly long time when I am doing intervals on my bike!

Last night I was scheduled to do an interval session on my bike, on the windtrainer – 10 x 2min intervals with 1min RI. However, after getting home from our site meeting with the builder and architects I was thinking that maybe I could re-schedule this session to another day. However I had apparently mentioned that I should get on my bike and so Mr CJ had very obligingly set up my bike and windtrainer in the spare room, as it was very cold outside. What could I do? Looks like I was doing the bike session after all!

The last time I got on my bike was 10 December last year! I felt very rusty when I first started and my legs felt very heavy and slow. Not only that, I was experiencing the muscle burn and I had only just started! I would start the 2min interval, pedal madly, feel my heart rate rise rapidly (though it only maxed out at 157), think 'I must've done about a minute by now', look at my watch, nup, still another 1min 20sec to go, and so it would go with me checking my watch about every 20sec!

Time: 40min inc 5min WU; 10 X 2min intervals (1min RI); 5min CD
AHR: 132; MHR: 157

By the time I had finished I had jelly legs, sweat pouring off me (again) and I was definitely not cold! However it was another night of falling asleep in the lounge, under the pretence of watching TV!

Wednesday morning – gym session

Now this was a morning that I would have stayed in bed if I had known what was ahead of me. I arrived at the gym for my back/chest/shoulders session plus abs, loaded with my work gear and showering stuff, only to be told that there was no water and it wouldn’t be back on until about 10am due to a burst water main. Great! This probably meant there would be no water at work either – my other option for a shower. So I did my session and then drove home for a shower – the traffic was a bit heavier now so it took a bit longer. Then I drove back to work in Canberra peak-hour traffic only to spend the next 20mins looking for a car park. Once I found one it was a great hike to my office lugging all my bags containing all very necessary stuff. Grrrr.....

Apparently, what you think about most moulds your attitude.
So today's affirmation: My thoughts are positive and self-empowering. :-)


Tesso said...

How long is 2 minutes? On Pat's watch it is about 2mins 15secs when we are doing 2 minute reps. If we are doing a 2 minute recovery jog it is about 1min 15secs.

CJ said...

Well last night on my bike I'm sure those 2mins intervals were more like 5mins each! Think my watch is faulty! hehehe

Hilda said...

How nice to be able to enjoy every single second of a minutes on a hills session for example, during the day they just fly, but not then.

Hope soon you will enjoy again soon the bike, after a long time.

iliketoast said...

2 minutes is like, How long is 5K? .. or whatever distance. I feel your pain.

go girl said...

I thought exactly the same thing this morning. This is the longest 2 mins ever.

Good on you for getting back into the bike again.

Ewen said...

You need a two minute song on the sound-pod thingy.

Susan said...

I'm going to borrow your affirmation for my marathon next weekend!

Hannah said...

2 minutes is usually 3 minutes with my personal trainer and about 4 during track work!

It's a shame the same thing isn't true when you want it to be! ;)

IHateToast said...

sometimes bad attitude helps. i find when i run and think about the parents that annoyed me the most (as an ex-teacher), i found myself running faster. it's the grrr effect.

2 minutes ... worse when you're standing still... dreadmill, stationary bike... waiting in the line for the little girls with little bladders room... when you're zipping to the train station, 2 minutes is really .4 seconds. like the photocopier that shuts down when you need it, time slows when you need it to go.

Tuggeranong Don said...

Hi CJ, just thought I would say hello. I met you briefly at today's Vets handicap, when Speedy Geoff introduced us. You have got a nice blog and I will look in from time to time to see how you are going. Great day at Vets today.