Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Its unnatural……..

…to be at the gym at 6.30am doing a weights session but that’s where I found myself this morning, bleary eyed and definitely not bushy tailed. The 6.30am slot was the only one I could get with a trainer (funny that), though the trainer Nicole insisted that there were always people queuing outside the doors at 5am waiting to get in. Sick!

This morning it was an upper body weights session consisting of:
·Lat pulldown to front
·Cable seated row
·Machine bench press
·Pec deck fly (mean machine - its so cool)
·Seated dumbbell press (these are so hard!)
·Barbell upright row

This was followed by ab/core strength and stability exercises:

·Back extension with swiss ball
·V-sit – twisting with a medicine ball (character building to say the least)
·Reverse crunch

And then this was followed by:
·10min on stepper (increasing resistance)
·20min on elliptical trainer (increasing resistance)
·10min stepper (again increasing then decreasing resistance)

And all this before 8am! The downside is that by 3pm I’m in dire need of a nana nap.

Yesterday (Monday)
Run including 7 x 2min intervals (1min RI)

Distance: 6.3km
Time taken: 33.26min
Av pace: 5.17min/km
AHR: 154; MHR: 208

Chilly, chilly, chilly. Gloves, headbands, and tights weather - okay I'm a wuss! But it was about minus 1 at 6am. Not too many people about at that time – even the cyclists seem to have given away their riding until later in the morning. Just as long as any weirdos also find it too cold to be roaming about as well. A good run and nothing out of the unusual happened (eg no alien abductions).

What are my plans? Hmmmm…… I am running in the Canberra half marathon this coming Sunday. I’m still weighing up my options with the Gold Coast marathon. At the moment I’m just enjoying running relatively injury-free (which I’m sad to say appears to put me in the minority at the moment). So everyone out there (Tesso, Jen, Lulu, Kit, Cirque, Hilda, and anyone else I have forgotten) with injuries, whether niggly or major, I sincerely hope it gets better and you can get back to running. Hang in there guys - positive vibes coming your way! ;-)


Tesso said...

OMG, -1 at 6am. No wonder you felt no niggles ;-)

The injury club thanks you for the good vibes.

2P said...

It all sounds awful CJ - I'm a much bigger wuss ;-)

Hilda said...

Wooow you are already making a half, what nice!!

Well I wonder if I belong to this injury club, I think this is more a condition, that I have to learn to live-run with... but I will!

I am receiving those vibes, yes!

Jen_runs said...

Thanks for the positive vibes.

And no, it's not unnatural :-)

D said...

You're a machine CJ!

KIT said...

I honestly do not know how you get out there at -1 degress! I would not call you a wus... me under the doona definately wus! Thanks for your good thoughts. Feeling much better hopefully the green light tonight from the physio.