Saturday, September 30, 2006


OMG - that was a nerve wracking last quarter and especially the last 5mins but WELL DONE EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!


Ewen said...

We were robbed. :(

Yes, that view from Mt Painter is something. The hills in Canberra are too flat - except for the hill on the first 100m at the Calwell track ;)

You need something with a 6k ascent.

iliketoast said...

"Hills are speedwork in disguise"

That's another of those slogans that the "hills" marketing machine keep pumping out. It's all propaganda in one of the most misleading campaigns rivaling McDonalds telling us how healthy their food is.

Well, I'm not buying any of it. Hills hurt!

Hilda said...

Oh yeah those hills will be your best friends now that you are training for six foot track, what a challenge CJ!
It will be great to follow you there :)

2P said...

Swans wuz robbed ;-) - ok begrudgingly I'll admit the Eagles deserved it...

Nice hill run CJ.

D said...

Nice hill run. Yeah - I have to repeat: hills are my friends - over and over when I am doing them.

KIT said...

Boo Hoo!!!

Nice long run :-) I always repeat to myseaf "this is character building".... amoungst all the swearing that is!

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