Wednesday, September 13, 2006

3 degrees

Positively tropical this morning when I went for my run - three degrees! And I was rugged up to the eyeballs after yesterday's sub-zero effort - cap, headband, gloves, 2 tops, leggings, socks, shoes, etc. At least my fingers didn't feel snap frozen.

Session - interval run - 6 x 2.30min efforts (1min RI)
Distance - 6.2km
Time - 32.08min
Av pace - 5.07min/km
AHR - 154; MHR - 220

It was another lateish night by the time I got home from the undercover wear party (and where I spent far too much money) SmileyCentral.comso it was a bit of a struggle getting out of bed this morning but in the end I managed to get dressed, have my coffee, wake son #3 before going on my run. As I said it wasn't as cold this morning - though very grey looking. it is supposed to be 21 degrees today *gasp* but seeing will be believing - I've put my faith in weather forecasts before only to be disappointed!

Okay run - feeling a little stiff and slow after yesterday's run. I've got yoga tonight and I'm really hoping it will be last week *fingers crossed* but I have this feeling it won't be. It will be back to repeat after repeat after repeat of standing poses - they are such hard work!

Have a good day!

"Workouts are like brushing my teeth; I don't think about them, I just do them. The decision has already been made." - Patti Sue Plumer, U.S. Olympian


Hilary said...

Oh my lordy you went running in 3 degrees?? You are one dedicated runner!! I think its cold if it drops below 20!

Hope you had a great day


Clairie said...

CJ move from Canberra now. come over to the light - that's what we call Sunshine.

Seriously I admire your committment to get up and out the door in that weather. I have done it a few times but more for races or when I have travelled - I wouldn't be a morning running if it was regularly that cold!

Tesso said...

3 degrees - still sounds insanely cold to me. Hope it wasn't thermal underwear you spent all that money on ;-)

Ewen said...

Patti Sue Plumer was a great runner. I wonder what she's doing now?

Ah, the beauty of being an afternoon runner in Canberra - 18 degrees now :)

Do you run the City to Surf every Sunday CJ?

Tuggeranong Don said...

I think running in 3 degrees is a delight and great to see you were out there CJ.

You look well primed for a big one at the Canberra Times run on Sunday - assume you will be running it?

Jen_runs said...

Ah ha. I just saw your comment on Miners' blog the other day. You know the one about the I.M. Funny, I was thinking about you the other day & have been meaning to ask if you were thinking of doing another...

R2B said...

love that quote Cj~