Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Little pickers wear big knickers!

I am trying to imprint this motto on my brain because I'm bad for it - picking at food. I was doing well today until SOMEONE (yes, you Bec!) decided to buy a packet of chocolate licorice bullets. The trouble is I can never stop at one and so its been a constant battle of wills - will I or won't I, and no prizes for guessing what is winning out! I'll just have to work it off in yoga tonight! In the meantime I'll eat my cottage cheese salad and think happy thoughts!
It was gym day today so I was in the gym this morning doing my 21s workout and oh boy, what a workout - its nasty (to use Hilary's description). I would get to a point in each exercise when I thought I just can't do another rep but somehow managing to squeeze out another one. The killer ones were the squats, especially dong the second part of the squat movement.

I have also decided that my next MAJOR running goal will be Six Foot in March next year - 185 sleeps away. So I'll be gearing my running towards this event - how exciting, I can't wait! And fingers crossed - no injuries (oops, probably shouldn't have let that thought out!).

pm: Yoga was great tonight - it was a restorative session so there was a lot more 'quiet' time and stretching and no leg poses, yay! However, food-wise, things didn't improve tonight after yoga - I got home to an open packet of chocolate licorice bullets on the coffee table - how could I resist?! *sigh*
am: interval run before breakfast with Strewth
pm: bike intervals at the gym

Goal for tomorrow: no picking at food other than at mealtimes. Remember - little pickers wear big knickers!


speedygeoff said...

Is there a rack in your gym? If this rain keeps up, you may have to grow taller to get throught the 6FT river crossing next year.

CJ said...

Actually in yoga she is always talking about lengthening our spine when doing poses! I'll put more effort into it!

Tesso said...

I've managed to control my chocolate licorice bullet habit by refusing to eat any that aren't coated in dark chocolate. Hmmm, does that make me a chocolate-ist (you know, as in racist or sexist).

Ewen said...

Brilliant! You'll love 6" CJ. You'd be a natural at it. I'll follow the training with interest.