Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Ouch, ouch, ouch!

That was me in the shower after Monday’s run when the water hit the chafing on chafing on my lower back from where my drink belt sits. Ouch, ouch, very sore.

After Saturday morning’s hilly run, the thrilling one point win by the Eagles (yay!) in the afternoon, and dinner with friends at Bella Vista that evening, I was exhausted by the time we got home. I crashed on the lounge and woke up sometime after midnight and then headed off to bed to sleep some more. I love my bed!

Sunday, I was pretty much tired all day and my calves were feeling very tight. Lucky it was my rest day. Apart from coffee with Mr CJ at Oaks Brasserie and then a wander through Yarralumla Nursery, I didn’t really do a lot.

Monday, I ventured out for a run as Mr CJ had gone fishing for the day.
Distance – 15.8km
Time – 82.30min
Av pace – 5.12min/km
AHR – 155; MHR – 186
Calves were still feeling a little tight but didn’t bother me running. I bought new runners yesterday (Asics GT 2100s) so this was an opportunity to break them in. There were no hills to speak of, it was really just a gentle meander around part of Lake Ginninderra and back home via the cycle path. It was really warm – I think it was about 24degrees, and that is something I am not used to – running in warm weather. Hence the need for my water belt though it chafed on top of chafing I got on Saturday..ouch!

Tuesday – back to work so it was up at 5am, have breakfast and then hit the gym for a chest/triceps and abs session before work.

After work I decided to shock my body by going for a swim. It was a pretty slow 1,000m (22.34min) but enjoyable (well as enjoyable as swimming will ever get for me).

Today – up at 5am, have breakfast, back to the gym…this is starting to sound like Groundhog Day! It was a leg and shoulders session followed by ab exercises. Now I just want to go back to bed. However I have decided to run the BBQ Stakes at lunchtime so my running bag is packed and my new shoes are raring to go..shame about the runner though!


2P said...

I used to get that with my camelbak CJ - now I use Bodyglide where the rub points are - seems simple but took me ages to work that one out - guess I'm not just slow at running ;-)

strewth said...

Wow - that's been a pretty full-on week so far! You put me to shame! See you at brekkie.

Hilda said...

What kind of soreness it was? I use vaseline to avoid sore of my camel pack over my neck and back.

Oh! I just read 2p's comment and I can remember I learn from him about this!

Ewen said...

Is it a 'fuel belt' CJ? I taped over the seams with cloth bandage tape. Also, as 2P says, Bodyglide can help. Something to fix before 6' as you'll notice it in a 5 hour race ;)

Black Knight said...

I never used a camel pack and now, after having read your post, I will never wear one of them!

Anonymous said...

oooh, just a quickie. haven't read blogs (in-laws have dialup... which is just a shade faster than how i run). am in melb with toast liker. but i had to log on to tell you... I ATE AT KOKO's! oooh, walked by it adn freaked! THAT'S CJ'S PLACE! i felt i had to indulge in your honor. got there when the queueueue was short and had the most amazing cup of hot mocha and a belgian sampler. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...
now i'm wired!

see you on the flipside of sunday.

CJ said...

I am soooo jealous - I could really do with a KokoBlack visit right now! Glad to hear that you enjoyed it and good luck to both of you on Sunday!!!!! You'll be flying after that chocolate loading!!!