Saturday, September 30, 2006

Repeat after me.......

I love hills
Hills are my friend
Hills are just flat bits on an angle (lol!)
Hille are character building

This morning's long run was a real doozy - it was up hill and down dale for over 2 hours. I decided that I would explore new areas close to home and so headed up through Hawker (though didn't run the Pinnacle - decided to leave that for Monday!), across to Mt Painter nature park (including a run up Mt Painter - amazing views!), and then into the Aranda bushland, and of course back home again.

Distance - 22.5km
Time - 2hr 15.26min
Av pace - 6min/km (its slow but in my defence I seemed to spend a lot of time running uphill)
AHR - 151; MHR - 176

Beautiful morning, great scenery and a challenging run - what more could I ask for ;-). As well as doing a lot of running uphill I also managed to get in a bit of downhill running (in preparation for BH Challenge) though at times it was way too steep and too much loose gravel underfoot to really get any speed up.

Post-run - have been feeling very very tired and I would have a nana nap except its the AFL Grand Final and I'm an Eagles supporter - c'arn the Eagles (its currently half time and Eagles are leading Sydney by 25 points!). Then we are going out to dinner tonight - hope I don't fall asleep at the table! Face in pasta is not a good look!

Tomorrow - rest day (and I am so looking forward to that!)

Have a great weekend!


Jen_runs said...

Don't forget: hills make me stronger. LOL. Sounds like a fantastic run CJ.

And yes, Canberra trip is definitely still on. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Clairie said...

CJ the hills are good for you. But dammit they hurt don't they?

6min pace for a hilly long run is good going CJ - big pat on the back.
And to top it all off your team won the AFL. Are you sober yet or still celebrating your weekend?

....hope you are a Broncos fan too!

Luckylegs said...

Yes, I keep telling myself the same thing about hills, CJ....I even believe it to be true!

Rae said...

I love hills.

Hills are my friend.

NOT!!! But they do make you feel stronger, don't they? Great job!