Monday, September 11, 2006

Never got going

Monday morning

This week I am having a break from the gym. Generally I have a break from the gym about every 6 weeks, for a week, and then start a new program after that. That way I don't get bored and my body doesn't get used to same old, same old.

So this meant that I could sleep in this morning....until 6.30am, lol! Which also meant madly rushing around trying to get ready for work because I hadn't planned what to wear or pack my running bag the night before. So there were clothes (running and work) being tossed around as I tried to find something that looked cleaned, ironed and colour coordinated for work, and making sure I had the necessary items for running, including important things like a crop top (hands up those who have opened their sports bag only to discover they have left their crop top home!).

The results of the 15th annual MS fun run which was held yesterday are out and I was 11th female - woo hoo! Results were recorded for the 1st 20 men and 1st 20 women. Apparently there were over 300 who participated - not bad given the cold and windy conditions.

Monday evening

Well I had great plans of going to speedy geoff's running sesison after work today but something happened to my enthusiasm levels between getting up this morning and the end of a stressful work day. Running wasn't even on the radar this afternoon. Oh well, it is my easy week. I will run tomorrow morning before work. Obviously my body is telling me to have a rest and an early night.


Tuggeranong Don said...

Congrats on your 28.25 at the MS run. That's a fantastic result, especially considering the wind. So quick! You were pretty zippy at the C2S and you are obviously in great shape. (I too felt really crappy today after the weekend's activities and rested today.)

Jen_runs said...

Great result on the weekend, congrats!

(*my hand is raised BTW)

Black Knight said...

Now you are forever in the top list. At the start the other runners will say: "what a pity, CJ is here. no more chances for us"!