Friday, September 29, 2006

Haaaaard work

Gym session – shoulders/biceps/triceps + abs
Was only marred by several guys hogging equipment, saying that they would be using it ‘in a minute’. Fine, but why can’t someone use it until they need it?

Yesterday – Thursday
I ran before work – a new route around the ‘burbs trying to fit in as many hills as I could find (they were only little hills after all!).
Distance – 8.4km
Time – 47.17min
Av pace – 5.37min/km
AHR – 144; MHR – 205
Feeling a little slow and heavy after yesterday’s leg session at the gym in the morning and a rather strenuous yoga session after work.

Back to the gym after work for a cycle session – a dead set 30min killer. It goes like this:
5mins warm-up – light resistance (eg 2)
5mins – same resistance but increase pace and hold (2)
3mins – increase resistance by 3 (5)
2mins – decrease resistance by 2 (3)
3mins – increase resistance by 3 (6)
2mins – decrease resistance by 2 (4)
3mins – increase resistance by 4 (8)
2mins – decrease resistance by 3 (5)
5mins – decrease resistance by 3 (2)
My RPMS would be in the 90s for the light resistance but by the time I hit the last increase in resistance (to 8) I’m down to the high 60’s for my RPMs – its really hard work. The bike I use seems to have a lot of resistance even at very low numbers - trust me I was really pushing those pedals! I left the gym with my halo glowing! 0;-)

It was my legs session at the gym and included squats, lunges, leg press, deadlifts and leg curls. I worked my butt off and wobbled out of the gym after this session (but not before doing my ab exercises though!).

Then it was off to yoga after work and the last thing I expected to be doing was more ab work…groan. We did single leg lifts, double leg lifts and then a pose whereby both my legs and upper body are off the ground at the same time and I have to hooooold this pose for what seemed like forever! And then repeat! Our teacher would make a good bootcamp instructor! This was followed by leg poses, preparatory headstand and shoulderstand before …..aaaah…….relaxing………..!

Tomorrow I have a long run that hopefully will include a few hills. I will be up very early as we have a full day of house things to do and then meeting friends for dinner at Bella Vista restaurant down by Lake Ginninderra for dinner.

And if you think I have a fixation on hills at the moment, you'll see why below!:

Upcoming events:
22/10 Bulls Head Challenge, 27.7km
18/11 Two Peaks Classic, 26km
17/12 Tour de Mountain, 19km


2P said...

Geez CJ I get tired just reading your blog - keep up the good work mate ;-)

R2B said...

Allways working tirelessly ;)

Keep it up CJ!


Black Knight said...

.... saying that they would be using it ‘in a minute’: the rude's mother is always pregnant!

IHateToast said...

ooooh those gym boys annoy the daylights out of me! as do the ones who see i'm going to get on the machine and then take off an exaggerated number of plates. fu-q, jerk! but i can't say that.

see, i think the error is in your race planning. you should enter these races:
1) the 50 km Downhill Thrill
2) the 4th Annual Peak to Beach race
and finally
3) Flat Pat's Bike Track 40 km fund raiser