Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hunger pangs

Swimming makes me hungry - no, I'll rephrase that...it makes me ravenously hungry. I decided to swim again this morning (gosh, gasp, two weeks in a row!). The session today was a warm up (100m!) followed by 5 x 200m with varying times for the rest intervals - it actually depended on whether there was a swimmer coming up the lane - if there was and they were slower, I didn't hang around but started my next 200m. Again I experienced that awful feeling of being unco in the water ie couldn't get my breathing in sync with the arm motion and I felt heavy and slow for the first couple of laps.

* 4.32min * 4.27 * 4.27 * 4.27 * 4.23 (not my imagination after all - I did improve on the last 200m!)

However since being at work I have been starving - I have had morning tea and my lunch and inbetween I have been drinking bucketloads of water and green tea to stave off the hunger pangs. Again I was eyeing off the chocolate in the kitchen, mainly the Nestle Brunch Bars, but after reading the nutrition(!) label on the back of the pack, decided against it -nearly every 2nd ingredient was sugar or a sugar derivative. So roll on afternoon tea!

Last night after work I made it to speedygeoff's run session at Parliament House (they have made the road around PH a one way road and I took a wrong turn and then had to do this loop around again just to get to the car park - good start!) Anyways, once there it was a good session - it involved a warm up run around PH, then running up and down slopes and around flagpoles and diagonally across very spongey grass. It was also good to see Strewth and Mr B after their little sojourn to the Whitsundays!

This evening after work I hit the gym again - this time for a cardio session. Tonight I decided on a 20min session on the crosstrainer followed by 20min on the stepper. At one stage I was battling to hear my music over the noise of 14 people on 14 treadmills. This didn't help my hunger levels - I was practically inhaling food when I got home and had to really restrain myself until I had cooked my dinner (tho' did manage to raid Mr CJ's Darrel Lea Dads bag which contains all sort of chocolate goodies!)

Tomorrow: Gym session before work and yoga after work.
And now for something different..

I was at the gym bright and early this morning for my regular weights session but instead of the usual legs and shoulders workout I decided to do something different. I followed a session called 21s though this morning it was 15s! This means, for example, when doing chest presses I do the first half of the press movement upwards x 5; then do 5 reps of the next half of the chest press movement; and finally 5 reps of the entire range of movement involved in a chest press. The session included chest press, squats, biceps curl,triceps pushdown, bent over row, and shoulder press. On Wednesday and Friday I will increase the number of reps so I am doing 21s!

Yesterday, Fathers day, was really nice. Mr CJ and I went out for breakfast at Babars in Woden where I had Ricotta hotcakes with banana (its been months since I last had a banana!) and Mr CJ had poached eggs and bacon. Then we hit the shops for some retail therapy (and who says guys can't shop - particularly if it involves anything to do with hi-fi, hardware, fishing gear or plasma tvs!). Later that afternoon I indulged in my latest hobby - cooking! I made chicken, snow peas and almond stirfry for dinner followed by chocolate pudding (ok I confess, the pudding came from a packet!) and then Moroccan chicken for lunches during the week.


E-Speed said...

Hmm the 15s/21s sound interesting. I definitely need to start doing some upper body lifting.

Hilary said...

I love 21's!!!! They are NASTY but give you such a great burn! I love throwing them in now and then just to mix things up a bit.

Your swimming sounds great - must be a great workout for your lungs!

Hilary xx

Jen_runs said...

Swimming makes me ravenous too! Mind you, I haven't swum in about 6 months now...

wildthing said...

My husband is exactly the same. He doesn't understand why I don't love looking around the hardware store as much as he does. I am happy to let him go on his own.

And swimming makes me hungry too.


TA and the Gnome said...

Gnome made a new rule in our house when I started swimming - "Don't get between Mum and food when she gets home from the pool!". Works a treat.


Ewen said...

I love snow peas.

I often wonder about chocolate bars vrs milk. Chocolate bars are about 40% fat, while 'high fat' milk is only about 5% fat.