Sunday, September 10, 2006

Just Get Started

Most of the things that hold you back do so with your cooperation.

When you choose to stop giving power to your limitations, many of them disappear.

There are things you assume you never could do. But how many of those negative assumptions have you actually tested?

It could be that the biggest obstacle standing between you and your most treasured dream is your own thinking. It could very well be that the main thing holding you back is your belief that you cannot move forward.

Imagine what would happen if you were to let go of that belief. What if you stopped focusing on what you think you can and what you think you can't do?

What if you simply started making the effort, each day, each moment, to move toward that dream? You'd quickly realize that many of the obstacles you imagined, are not even there.

Yes, there are always challenges, and yet they are rarely as difficult or imposing as you imagine. Step boldly forward to meet them, and you'll find yourself moving successfully through them.

Without a doubt, you have what it takes to reach whatever place you choose to go. Just get started and you'll know.

--Ralph Marston

Have a great week!


Ellie80 said...

love it CJ - good thoughts for me at the moment! (and everyone all the time i guess!)

Jen_runs said...

Sensational quote CJ. Thanks for sharing it. I'm sure everyone is holding themselves back in some way - I sure am....

Not anymore :-)