Thursday, September 07, 2006

"Motivation comes from doing, not thinking"

"The longer you sit and think about something, the harder it becomes to do it. If you think too much, excuses may paralyse you.

Today is your day to stop thinking and start doing!

When you start doing something, positive energy flows and you become more motivated. So don't think about how you're going to exercie. Put on your running shoes and run! Don't think about how you'll learn a new skill some day. Go out and book a course, right now!

Stop procrastinating. Start doing! You'll find a motivation that can change your life!" - Meditations for Women.

Woke up to a windy and cold morning - it feels and looks like a return to Winter again. Managed to talk myself into getting out of bed, getting into my running gear and out for a quick interval run before meeting Strewth for breakfast at Red Belly Black cafe.

Session - intervals - 6 x 2.30min (1min RI)
Distance - 5.9km
Time - 30.57min
Av pace - 5.11min/km
AHR - 152; MHR - 191

Had a lovely breakfast with Strewth - scrambled eggs on baby spinach and turkish bread, and my usual long black. Then at lunchtime had coffee with Bec and Amie before zipping around the shops getting essentials such as mushrooms, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes and capsicum for dinner tonight. Tried looking for the Teresa Cutter book 80/20 Diet but couldn't find it in the one bookshop I went into. However I have a day off tomorrow *yay!* so will look further afield. She has some really interesting recipes on her website: She is a qualified chef as well as a personal trainer and has combined her knowledge of nutrition ,diet and exercise to specialise in developing healthy recipes that taste great and are good for you.

After work I went to the gym for a 30min bike interval session which left me hot and sweaty and tired.

Tomorrow: gym session in the morning followed by retail therapy and then meeting good friends for lunch out at Pialligo. Can't wait!


iliketoast said...

I was getting all motivated and ready to sign up for something, only to read "for Women" .... damn!

Tesso said...

CJ, am I imagining it or does that Zwinky girl move every now and then? I keep thinking I see it out of the corner of my eye but when I stare at her she stands still. She's messing with my head!!!!

KIT said...

I love that quote! Oooh very exciting about 6ft.... I am also throwing my hat in the ring :-)