Monday, September 25, 2006


I have been very slack with my blogging of late so this will be a very abbreviated version of the last week and a bit (and no, I've not been on a bender Katie - tho' I got a great chuckle out of that comment!!!!!).
The question is, do I start with today and work back or start where I left off and work forward! Ah decisions, decisions (and this is someone who every morning stands before her wardrobe and can't decide what to wear!).

Ok, decision made - starting from where I last left off......

Last Sunday, 17th September
Canberra times fun run, 10km - PB!!!!!!!

What's not to like about a run when its a PB!!!! Officially my time was 44.20min. My previous PB for 10km (and this event) was 45.28min in 2002 so its been a while!! It was a gorgeous warm and sunny morning, perfect for running. I didn't hang around after the run so didn't get to hear about anyone else's experiences until later in the week.

Monday evening, 18th September
Dinner at Belucci's - speedygeoff's group

Was beginning to stress that I wouldn't make it to the dinner because of work commitments and the fact that I hadn't packed for the Melbourne work trip, and I was flying out early Tuesday morning. However managed to make it to the dinner and it was great to catch up with everyone. Have to say, though, everyone looks different out of running gear!!!!

Tuesday, 19th September

A very early start and a very long day meant that no exercise happened today unless you could call the brisk walk we managed to get in that evening while looking for a restaurant. It was blowing a gale so I guess it was a form of resistance training when we had to walk into the wind!

Wednesday , 20th September
Albert Park lake run

The hotel was across the road from Albert Park lake which was perfect because there was a 5km path around the lake - no chance of getting lost.
Distance - 8.2km
Time - 40.48min
Av pace - 4.59min/km
AHR - 154; MHR - 191
See what happens to my pace when there is no chilly morning to deal with! Was very surprised with my average pace because I actually felt I was running quite slowly. Was busy trying to avoid the swans (and there were lots of them), especially those with cygnets because they tended to be a tad snappish - this may have helped my pace as well! When my friend and I were at breakfast (at the hotel) a guy came to us from another table and said they had a bet going that we were attending the Jenny Craig conference (which as it happened was being held in our hotel!). Someone lost that bet!!!! The rest of the day was spent indoors at a conference so it was great to get out that evening and head off to Lygon St for dinner. We also had plans of having dessert at KokoBlack (divine chocolate shop) but unfortunately it seemed like everyone else had that very same idea. So we decided to buy up on their products instead. However, it was so tempting, when the waiters went past with trays of little pots of chocolatey desserts, to just nab one of the pots on the way through. Bought some truffles, a small block of dark chocolate and a block of macadamia chocolate. However KokoBlack is on my list of things to do if and when I get back to Melbourne, and I will be having dessert!!!

Thursday, 21st September
Albert Park lake - interval run

Distance - 6km
Time - 30.42min
Av pace - 5min/km
AHR - 158; MHR - 188
I needed to run because all I had done the last couple of days was eat (as you do at conferences - food is provided and its there and you eat it) and today would be no different. It was windier this morning and not as warm as yesterday, but still a lot warmer than a Canberra morning!

Friday, 22nd September
Back in Canberra - back to cold morning runs!

Distance -
Time - 33.34min
Av pace - 5.13min/km
AHR - 149; MHR - 195

Saturday, 23rd September
Champagne breakfast...but first things first, a run.

Distance - 8km
Time - 44.28min
Av - 5.33min/km
AHR - 142; MHR - 213
Tired about summed up that run - I was tired, my legs were tired. And then I was starving because Strewth and I were attending a champagne breakfast at Westfield Woden, as part of their fashion promotion so I had to wait to eat. So of course by the time we got to Lisboa Cafe I was about ready to inhale the pastries and fruit that were on offer - fortunately they were petite pastries so not too much damage was done. And no, I didn't have champagne because at that time of day, champagne and I don't really agree with each other.

Sunday, 24th September
Vets monthly run, Blewetts Forest

Distance - 7km
Time - 33.30min
Av pace - 4.47min/km
Started in Gp 26
Placing - 13th
The weather was not promising at all - overcast, windy, the occasional spots of rain - it was the sort of day that I could quite easily have burrowed my head under the pillow and gone back to sleep. But I didn't! The run itself wasn't bad and I actually enjoyed it - even the 3km uphill bit (ok, maybe 'enjoy' is too strong a word for that bit but it was bearable!). The wind really wasn't a factor out on the course, in fact there were parts where it was quite sheltered. But after the run - well, that was a different story. The wind had definitely picked up and it was blowing a gale - it was turning out to be a very wild and wintry day. Oh, and Strewth got gold in the run!!! Yay!!!!

Finally!!! Went to the gym this morning for a chest and back workout followed by ab exercises. My abs will be so sore tomorrow, I can feel it now - particularly after doing reverse crunches on the bench. This evening Bec and I will be attending a viewing of The Devil Wears Prada (with a 15min VIP Foyer party!!!) so no running session after work....*sigh* ...the things we do!!!!


2P said...

Congrats on the PB last week CJ - I love Belucci's - the calamari entree is my absoloodle all time favourite :-)

My, my you have been busy!

Johnny Dark said...

Always good to knock over a long standing PB.
Well done CJ.


IHateToast said...

ooh, read The DWsP. Let me know if it's a good movie.

congratulations on the Peanut Butter!

i miss running in... wait. i miss the tracks i ran on in melbourne. don't miss running there in general. i loved the crushed granite trails that were marked. albert park lake was a favorite of ours.

will check out kokoblack (if i can) the sat before the melb marathon. it'll be a chocolate relay.

Ewen said...

44:20! Yes, you can have seven exclamation marks for that one CJ.

You are right - everyone does look different out of their running gear ;)