Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Yes, no, I don’t know!

All day I have been thinking of reasons why I can't go swimming tonight after work. Its quite pathetic really when I think about it. If I don't want to swim then don't. But then this other little nagging voice (saint CJ can be such a pain) starts going on about how much better I would feel, that I've packed my swimming bag, and that skipping it for a week will have dire consequences for my swimming (however my swimming is pretty dire anyway!). And so on and so on it goes, all day.

I did go to the gym this morning for a legs and shoulder session. However, my right hamstring is a little tender and so I skipped the exercises that focused on this area. I'm sure it will be fine; I'm just being super cautious. However I did notice that my energy levels were also pretty low and it took me forever to get through my session.

Actually, just reading back at what I've written I have decided that a night off, vegging out on the couch and an early night is probably what I need so........no swimming!!!!! And another thing, I have been craving sweet stuff all day - if anyone had dared opened a chocolate bar near me I swear I would have devoured it before they had time to blink.

Yesterday after work I went for a 12km run.
Time - 64.17min
Av pace - 5.21min/km
AHR - 142; MHR - 224

15km hilly run
pm: yoga (a couple of weeks off from yoga and I am so stiff, so this will be an interesting class!)


Ewen said...

Vegging out on the couch works for me ;)

Jen_runs said...

Oh there is a Saint Jen & I HATE her on days like this. Good on you CJ for fighting back & defeating her!

Hilary said...

Funny how sometimes you can just about "inhale" a chocolate bar before its even opened, and other times it doesn't bother us. Just phases I guess.

Hope you enjoyed your night off and relaxed!

Hilary xx

Hilda said...

You know, it is better not even think about it and just do what we have to do, which is not thinking precisly :D

Looking forward for more reports about your hills sessions. Those are tough!

iliketoast said...

I wonder if the yoga helps with stretching and keeping injury free? This could be another bonus with swimming.

Clairie said...

Next time you feel like that - run a bath and stick your head under.

I'm told it counts as swim training. I call it flotation class.

Hope you got through the hilly run and Yoga ok today. You sure are doing a lot of training.

R2B said...

It's ok to have a day off sometimes...
Just don't do it often alright?
(yes mum)hehehe'

speedygeoff said...

not too much rest CJ. I have all my money on you this weekend.