Monday, October 16, 2006

The start of another week already?!

The weeks are flying by at an alarming pace.

Wednesday afternoon 11/10
Back to the gym after work for 40mins cardio comprising 20mins on the stepper followed by 20mins on the crosstrainer. Next week I will be back at yoga – not as sweaty but sometimes just as strenuous.

Thursday 12/10
A day off for me but no sleeping in. Ran a very slow interval run – 6 x 2.30min intervals (1min RI).
Distance – 5.7km
Time – 30.20min
Av pace – 5.17min/km
AHR – 147; MHR – 214.
Then it was off to meet Strewth for brekkie at Red Belly Black. Spent the afternoon sitting out on the front deck reading.

Friday 13/10
Off to the gym for a back/biceps and abs session before work. And exercise-wise that was it for the day!

Saturday 14/10
The day started for me with a long run out at Stromlo. It very nearly didn’t happen because I got the meeting place wrong and it was only through luck that I decided to drive a bit further down the road after realising no-one was going to show up where I had parked. Anyway the run started with Mt McDonald – about a 35-40min grind uphill with spectacular views at the top. It was already feeling very warm with not a cloud in the sky and no shade whatsoever. Then it was onwards and ever upwards though to be completely honest there were also downhills and flat bits. However by the 17km mark I was pretty much feeling like crap and doing quite a bit of walking. At Vanity’s we stopped and I stood in the water for a while – bliss! Then we ran (I walked most uphill bits) the final 6km or so of the Brindabella Classic (I will be running Bulls Head Challenge next week which is the last half of the BC course). Back at the Cotter I stood in the water again (bliss) until my foot started cramping – a sign it was time to get out. It was a hard run and I did a lot of walking but at least now I know what sort of work I have to put in for SFT and I have a program.
Distance – 24.2km
Time – 2hr 30.07min
Av pace – 6.11min/km
AHR – 162; MHR – 188

Sunday 15/10
Rest day. Went to Kingston markets in the morning and then later in the day Strewth and Mr B came around for afternoon tea.

Week one of SFT program and it was gym this morning – chest/triceps and abs session. Will do an easy run of about 12km after work.

"It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop" — Confucius


Clairie said...

Thats a solid week of soon is 6ft???

Gotta love anyone who can run 24km on a hilly route and still say they enjoyed the scenery :)

2P said...

You need more boredom in your life CJ - you do far too much ;-)

Hehe seriously though your training is going gang busters!

Lulu said...

It was so hot on Saturday, no wonder standing in the water was so good!

I'm training for the Central Coast Half Marathon on the 3rd of December. I'm certainly not mad enough just to do an 18km run for the sake of it...although is was remarkably enjoyable.

Hilda said...

And time doesn't come back. Let's enjoy as much as possible our running times!

Tesso said...

Nice work CJ. I like those 'non sweaty' workouts - you don't have to wash your hair afterwards :-)

So, 6ft track is the next major goal? Does this mean Canberra Mara on off the agenda or will it be a cool down run?

Jen_runs said...

Phew. I'm tired just reading about your week. Looking forward to seeing you very soon ;-)

Bernie G said...

I noticed you are also running the Balls Head again this year. I'll see you there.

R2B said...

Hi Cj i was not unpleased by FF 10k it was pretty hot and hilly out there!

Am very interested in your 6ft training program whats it look like?

Are you qualified yet?
The only official qualifier left is beyond the black stump on new years day (i have to work NShift on new years eve so it will be an interesting day!)

I am considering bulls head challenge if i can get the time off work too.Fingers crossed.


IhateToast said...

i have koko black on my desk ready to send to the dog sitters. was wondering.. hm... has cj posted. and yes indeedy do. there is magic in the beans!

i can do 60km on a hill! that's my 60 k and one meter on a hill. does that count?

will you remember us when you're on the cover of running goddess?