Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I did go swimming last night and swam a kilometre in total. I used a program from the Zoggs site ( - the triathlon module. It consisted of:
Aim – general aerobic fitness
Warm up
100m freestyle as 25m long stroke, 25m high elbows
Main set
4 x 50m f/s thinking about good technique (10sec RI)
4 x 50m f/s with pull buoy (10sec RI)
4 x 50m f/s swimming at firm pace (15sec RI)
Cool down
100m easy swim down

This morning it was the usual – up at 5am, breakfast, go to the gym for a legs, shoulders plus abs session before work.
Clairie wondered whether coffee upset me before a run – not a chance Clairie! I love my coffee and can’t function without it. I know, that’s pretty sad but I could have far worse addictions! I think I pretty much have a cast iron stomach! ;-)
We will be staying at Island Beach Resort, Broadbeach, from January 3 – 8. Woo hoo – can’t wait. Please don’t tell me it’s a rat infested dive!!!! (actually please do!)
Ihatetoast – the idea of going in search of cocoa bean delights sounds perfectly wonderful to me!

This afternoon I will be back in the gym for a 20min stepper / 20min crosstrainer session. This is good as I have just had far too much delicious blueberry strudel at a farewell afternoon tea for a work colleague. ;-)

Interval run before breakfast with Strewth
Swim in the evening.


speedygeoff said...

swimming - is great - there are no hills!

Jen said...

Let me get this right - you swam last night & did a weights session (including shoulders) this morning? CJ, you are a machine.

I'm sorry, what was that? Did I hear you say "IM"? ;-)

Ewen said...

No, it's just a cane toad infested dive. Walking distance to the beach though :)

Hilda said...

Oh CJ don't talk about food I just imagine that struddel :( I want one.

Anonymous said...

how much coffee do you have in the am? i'm trying to get off coffee daily, but always on mornings before a long run. you gotta love the breakfast blast!

there are two specialty chocolate shops i know of in bne, but the g.c. is unknown to my inner cocoa bean. hmmmm must. be. explored!

Toasty said...


There is much danger in putting two people with such a strong appreciation of chocolate together. I'm scared.

Ihatetoast wasn't always a dog person. When she found out that dogs could never, under any circumstances, have chocolate, her attitude changed. A pet that you never have to share your chocolate with. How good is that. We have dogs all over the place now.

Anonymous said...

i've signed up for swim4fitness. i'm so influenced by online peer pressure! i need to watch out for you. first it was kokoblack, now swim4fitness... what next? crack on a seedy corner while waiting for another john in a ute?
okay, probably not the path to thekth for drugth, but i must be careful about whom i follow.

Black Knight said...

Yes swimming is great because there are not hill, but it is wet!
By the way even if I don't know the Island Beach Resort, I am glad to tell you that it is not a rat infested dive. However if you like I can send a couple (real male and female) of prolific italian rats there.