Saturday, October 07, 2006

Just another hill or two...or three....or.....

This morning I was meeting Strewth, Margaret and Barb for a long run around Mt Ainslie. Mr B also came along for the run.
Distance - 19.5km
Time - 2hr 28sec
Av pace - 6.11min/km
AHR - 142; MHR - 176

We began by running the Vets Mt Ainslie course and what I was noticing was there weren't that many 'hills' - I'm not talking little undulations but 'real' hills. It wasn't until we got to that last big hill near the end of the (Vets) Mt Ainslie run that I felt that yes, I was running up a real hill. So once we all had made it to the top, discussion ensued about where to go next. I was eyeing off an uphill rise to my right (heading towards Majura) but instead we decided to go to our left (towards Mt Ainslie). There were some more undulations and a steep, very rocky downhill section until we reached a point where it looked like the path was heading downhill. However, to my left was a rocky path guessed it...up, up and up. Mr B looked at me as if I was joking...hah! After saying goodbye to Margaret and Barb, who were doing a shorter run, we headed up the steep and rocky path. It was steep, no doubt about it, and at one point I had to say to Mr B, who was trying to have a conversation, that I couldn't talk and run at the same time! However, once at the top, we realised that it was really only a small hill and that Mt Ainslie still towered above us. So we headed off again, first down and out on to the road leading up to Mt Ainslie, and then it was decided that we would run up to the top. And what a great view there was once we got to the top, and up the steps.

After a breather and something to drink (it was actually quite warm by now) it was back down the hill until we reached a point where we followed a path back into the nature park and that would eventually take us back to where our cars were parked. On the way I amused myself by looking for trails that lead more directly up to Mt Ainslie and telling Strewth and Mr B we would run up those next time. I have a feeling I won't be asked to come along to many future runs!

Friday - gym day and it was back, biceps and abs.

Thursday - I did an interval run before breakfast with Strewth.
Distance - 6k
Time - 31.05min
Av pace - 5.11min/km
AHR - 156; MHR - 203

Wednesday - I had planned on running the BBQ Stakes at luchtime but my computer and the database program I was working in decided to have a meltdown. This meant I didn't go anywhere but slowly seethe at my desk as the program corrupted and crashed my computer. Not happy!
However, I managed to go for a run after work and boy, did I need it to de-stress.
Distance - 8km
Time - 41.47min
Av pace - 5.13min/km
AHR - 149; MHR - 169

Tomorrow (Sunday) - rest day. Looking forward to it.


Susan said...

Yeah, sounds like you do need a rest day. Yay for Sundays.

Hilda said...

In your words it sounds like lots of fun but certainly it was tough. Training with you should be such a challenge for anyone!

Enjoy your Sunday!

2P said...

Lol CJ - I can't run and talk at the same time either - but that's just because I'm not very smart.

Jen_runs said...

Wow. Sounds like a tough but great one. How good does coffee taste after one of those runs? ;-)

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Ewen said...

That is a good hill if you turn right. A better one is if you go straight ahead where the left turn is at the start of your 'real hill'. Then you can head off and climb Majura before coming back and doing Ainslie... all good 6' training ;)

IHateToast said...

i need to try this trail stuff. you make it seem fun. hard, life-threatening, but fun.

Wobbly man said...

Wow - now I know why you are so fast. You work much harder than I do!