Thursday, October 19, 2006

Small steps

Wednesday morning – hilly run
It was a warm and muggy morning early on, before the rain started albeit far too briefly. It was an early start (4.30am) so I could start at 5am and finish in time to have breakfast, shower and still get to work at a decent time. I have to say there’s nothing like a 15km hilly run before breakfast to work up an appetite so consequently all day yesterday when I wasn’t eating I was thinking about eating!
Distance – 15km
Time – 89.21min
Av pace – 5.57min/km
AHR – 148; MHR – 176

Yesterday afternoon it was back to yoga for the final term for this year. Polly, our teacher, said that even when we are struggling to balance (as we were all wobbling on one leg with the other leg up in the air at a 45degree angle – some were more successful at this than others), we are still learning and that yoga is a series of small steps. I took heart at this because I wobbled through every standing pose, struggled with the twisting poses but somehow found some semblance of poise when it came to the shoulder stand!

This morning I did an easy run before brekkie with Mr B. I really appreciate the flatter courses after running hilly ones at least twice a week!
Distance – 12km
Time – 63.34min
Av pace – 5.18min/km
AHR – 147; MHR – 167
I am not going the first track and field session for the season which is on tonight – my hamstring is feeling a lot better so I don’t want to tempt fate considering I do have BHC on Sunday. Maybe next week, but then again ACT Cross Country’s spring series starts next Tuesday. Decisions, decisions.

gym session – back/bis/abs


Ewen said...

Good idea to save your speed for that first 17k downhill of the BHC!

Glad to see your hilly runs are close to a more respectable 6:00/km pace ;)

ihateToast said...

it's okay to wobble (did you have these in australia?) who does those poses without wobbling right off? baby steps is right.
i am impressed with your early start. didn't you freeze your binny off?

2P said...

Terrific work as always CJ ;-)

Tesso said...

So is BHC a trail run? A hilly trail run? A really hilly trail run? Sounds like you are in good shape for it.

I understand your dilemma with the track/cross country stuff. Don't you just hate missing out on things.

CJ said...

Actually I'm a bit ahead of myself Tesso - cross country events start on 7 November! BHC is a mostly downhill trail run but does include a gradual grinding uphill in the last 6km plus 2 small hills from memory (I walked this bit last week on the training run!).

Ewen - I think I'm learning to run my hilly runs at a slower pace so I don't have to resort to walking and also so I don't feel crap the next day!

Ihatetoast - I remember those weebles (what a strange word!). I didn't have one but I always thought they were rather cute. However, while they don't wobble over, I do!