Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Long run, monthly run and easy run

Saturday 28 Oct – long run

It had been beautiful weather all week (apart from the odd thunderstorm) and then for Saturday they were forecasting a top of 14*c. Not quite sure what to expect when I woke Saturday morning but it actually didn’t look too bad, though it was cold. The long run was out at the Cotter again – we ran the course we did 2 weeks ago but in reverse so Mt McDonald was at the end of the run. Apparently we ran a mixture of up the 18 and down 21 mile. At least this time the only walking, for me, happened while going up Mt McDonald. The weather at this point had also deteriorated and it was cold and windy – fortunately we ran most of it with the wind behind us.

Distance – 27.8km
Time – 2hr 38.33min
Av pace – 5.42min/km
AHR – 154; MHR – 174

Sunday 29 Oct – monthly vets run

Distance – 8km
Time – 37.25min
Av pace – 4.39min/km
AHR – 165; MHR – 205
Starting group - 27
Place - 49

After yesterday’s long run I wasn’t sure how I’d pull up for this run, the next day. Surprisingly I felt ok though a little tired. Could be the fact I went to bed late, had to put clocks forward one hour and then get up early. The run wasn’t too bad – its actually downhill for the first few kms. The return trip was a bit harder – its more uphill and my legs were feeling tired by now. I wore my ipod for this race – something I don’t usually do for these runs, but I needed something to take my mind off how I felt and it worked! Had coffee afterwards with Strewth, Barb, Marg and Mr CJ.

Monday 30 Oct – Gym and easy run

The start of another week. This meant gymming before work and then I ran an easy 12km after work. Actually, while it was an easy run ie no major uphills, it still took me at least 6km to get into my stride.

Distance – 12km
Time – 67.10min
Av pace – 5.36min/km
AHR – 146; MHR – 192

Today – gym again.
Tomorrow – hilly run (probably Mt Taylor) before work
After work – yoga

I’m tired…………….


2P said...

Gosh I envy your access to hills.

Another nice set of workouts CJ - great stuff mate ;-)

Miss Positive said...

Wow you are clocking up some kilometres, thats for sure! What does a max heart rate of 205 feel like????? I had mine up to about 190 once, and I could barely breathe!!

Have a great week!

Hilary xx

Ewen said...

Mt McDonald is a great 6' training hill. You just have to imagine doing it 5 times in succession to get a feel for what the Pluvi is like :)

Anonymous said...

DST is being discussed again in QLD. don't get me started. i think once people realise that there is the same amount of light no matter what we do with the clocks and that more light hits us as we're tilted toward the sun, Beattie will try to stop QLD from tilting.

how do you attack going down hills? i've never figured that out.