Saturday, October 28, 2006

Never say never!

Thursday evening - track
Event - 3,000m
Time - 12.59
Av pace - 4.06min/km
AHR - 168; MHR - 202

I know, I know....I always said I would never do track. I'm not that keen on running round in circles. So what on earth was I thinking, showing up for the second track event for the season on Thursday evening? Because it was suggested that it would be good speedwork for SFT. The things I do! And it would seem that I had let plenty of people know about my feelings for track because there were lots of second looks and comments that evening!

Anyway I ran the early 3,000m event and it wasn't so bad. Started slowly, had a bit of a chat with Strewth, paced myself and finished strongly. It was ok. So I will be back.


Ewen said...

Great! You have a good running style for the track CJ. I can see you going close to 12 minutes for the 3000, and it is good speedwork for 6' - you'll be flying on the flat and down bits.

Ummmm... I was a bit surprised to see you having an in-depth conversation with Strewth for the first lap...

2P said...

Nice work on the sub 13 - very swish.

Hilda said...

While is running is good. Now if you are hitting those times just forget about those second looks :P

ihateToast said...

you'll be eating broccoli, Brussels sprouts & lima beans in no time. it's the new you. first track, then veggies... who knows... synchronised swimming?