Monday, October 23, 2006

Bull’s Head Challenge

Official Results
Distance – 27.7km
Time – 1hr 59.27min
Av pace – 4.18min/km
AHR – 165; MHR - 188

Thankfully it was a lot nicer day on Sunday for the Brindabella Classic/Bulls Head Challenge races compared to Saturday which was cold, grey and about 13degrees. Headed out to the Cotter to catch the bus up to the start at Bull’s Head, where the race would start at 10am. However we had a bit of a wait for the bus to arrive back from the first trip up, and so the race start was changed to 10.10am. Then there was a dash to the toilet and the stripping off long sleeved tops before heading to the start. Saw the front runners of the Brindabella Classic come through just before our start. Then we were off and any thoughts of feeling cold disappeared (it was a bit chilly) as I negotiated my way downhill. I am not the best of downhill runners and it takes me a while to get in my stride so had plenty of people pass me to begin with. It actually took me a while to get in my stride – probably not until after the first drinks station, about the 7km mark I think.

It’s a great run initially – running along wide trails surrounded by trees with the light filtering through. Didn’t see anyone for ages and just assumed I was going the right way when I would come along a box of water sachets with a box to throw discarded sachets in next to it. Jackie Fairweather rode past on a mountain bike at some stage and yelled out some encouraging words – that was nice. Otherwise it was just me and my ipod. Every now and then I would catch a glimpse of runners way ahead of me. Running past the last relay change point was great – lots of people and cheering and clapping.

Finally came to Vanitys crossing. I waded across, had a drink and then I was off again – slowly uphill. I told myself to just take it easy and slowly, but no matter what, I wasn’t going to walk. This seemed to work as I made it up all the hills without slowing to a walk at all – so very very pleased with that. It took me about 30min to get from Vanitys to the finish line. I finished strongly, again an improvement on last year.

Who knows – maybe (take note – maybe) I might try the Brindabella Classic next year?!

Today I decided to miss my regular Monday morning gym session and instead have a bit of a sleep-in (until 6.30am!).
pm – an easy run after work


2P said...

Nice work Cj - I'll turn up to Brindabella if you do ;-)

Bernie G said...

Great run yesterday, an improvement and 3rd Place. I'm still not event tempted to run Brindabella (at this stage).

Ewen said...

Good race CJ! So, how come you still have 'entered' in your events table?

The first half of the Brindy course is the best, so you have to do it!

Jen_runs said...

Sensational run CJ. Congrats. Must have been all those carbs on Saturday morning ;-)

IHateToast said...

wait wait wait...
what do you mean by waded? waded waded?!

what was this?

i'm glad to hear/read that there are really good runners that struggle downhill. makes me feel less dorky.

do you think it was all that grated chocolate?

Hilda said...

That is a very nice photo, the aussier runners :D

Tesso said...

That's a great result CJ, sub 2 hrs. You must've been flying!

Rae said...

Great job!!! That sounds like a really tough course.

Clairie said...

I can't believe you say it took you ages to get into the rhythm and then ended up with 4.18min/km for an AVERAGE.

Bloody hell - how fast were you flying down the hill????

That is a massive improvement on your other running so you have been obviously training really well - keep up the good work.