Friday, October 20, 2006

Jen is coming!

Only one more sleep and then Strewth and I will be having brekkie with in Canberra... tomorrow morning! Can't wait!

And then Sunday its Bulls Head Challenge - hope the weather is good. Last year it was sunny and actually got quite warm. As long as its not as hot as last Saturday I will be ok. It doesn't start until 10am and I won't finish until after 12noon. Last year I think my time was 2hr 16.51min and I had no idea what the course was like. Come to think of it, maybe its better not to know!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Oh, and I went to the gym this morning for the usual - back/bis/abs session.


speedygeoff said...

say Hi to Jen, I will meet her some other time....

IHateToast said...

have fun with jen. why are sleep overs with silly date movies and popcorn just part of our youth? i say slumber party. then blog the boys and giggle.

and am enjoying the swimming programs thanks to you. at the pool someone commented and wanted to see the program. i wanted to say "cj who run with a crust of chocolate at the corner of her lips told me about this" but as i have an accent, i think it's best to just nod.

Rae said...

Good luck this weekend!! And have fun with Jen!