Sunday, December 11, 2005

Tri-ing to have fun

Saturday pm - Mini triathlon

Distances - 300m swim/8km cycle/2km run
Total time taken - 34.30min (provisional)
Swim - 7.15min
Cycle - 18.53min
Run - 8.31min
Weather - windy, warm, probably about 22*C (71*F)

There were lots of people doing the mini tri Saturday afternoon. Some of the triathlon clubs had been running 6week novice training courses culminating in competing in this triathlon, so there were lots of tri newbies. Meanwhile, just down the road a bit the 'real' triathletes were registering for the Half Ironman event being held Sunday.

It had been very breezy all day and the wind didn't look to be abating at all before the event started at 3pm. The lake was looking quite choppy although where the mini tri was being held was quite sheltered compared to other parts of the lake. I was in the 6th wave (of 6) in the short course so had to wait around waiting for the other waves to start - Strewth was in the third wave. Eventually our wave was off and there was the usual vying for space in the first 50m of swimming, which I spend trying to avoid arms, legs, bodies, etc. The choppy water didn't become noticeable until I had swum around the buoy and was heading back to shore.

It was quite a run to the transition area, over gravel and grass - my poor feet are not used to the hard surfaces! I had racked my bike near a tree which was handy as a marker - its easy to lose your bike among all the other bikes (as Strewth could tell you!). The wind was very noticeable when on the bike - I could feel my bike being pushed from side to side - I need to be heavier! It was a strange sensation to be passing so many people on the bike leg but being in the last wave I guess it was to be expected. Its just that usually people are passing me!

Back into transition and then off with the helmet, change into runners, CR cap on and I was off again for a 2km run. Surprisingly I got into my stride fairly quickly today and felt comfortable for all of the run, again passing lots of people. It was a surprise when I had gone around the turnaround and was heading back to the finish, to see Strewth heading out to the turnaround, because I couldn't recall passing her on the bike leg. Apparently we were in transition at the same time after the bike leg but Strewth had had some problems and took a bit longer before heading out on the run.

Finally I was finished - it had been a very comfortable event - good for cross-training. Our friend Kezza from Alice Springs was there to watch - it was so good to spend some time with her.


Hilda said...

It seems like in trys there's too much to learn and to know, not just being training... sounds very funny!!!
It was a very short time!! You are so competitive!!

Tesso said...

Sounds like a fun event CJ. Except for the choppy water. And running on gravel to transition - youch! And the wind in the bike ride.

Well, the run bit sounded like fun :-)

go girl said...

Well done CJ on another fantastic weekend of racing.

You guys have heaps of events there in Canberra!

2P said...

Sounds like a fun day out - 8.31 for 2k is a pretty cracking pace, well done :-)

KIT said...

Hey CJ!! Another good race under your belt... no rest for the wicked!
I would be scared in the water with all those feet! I am sure I would cop a kick in the face... then I would cry- what a mess :-)

Susan said...

You have the longest event list of anyone. I'm glad your race was fun and comfortable!