Friday, December 09, 2005

Pain in the butt...

...literally and figuratively speaking.

Physio update #2
Glute pain - no better
Ankle - niggle getting worse
Mood - cranky, shitty, miserable

Still very tight and tender around L3 area of spine - continue with back extension exercises. R glute/piriformis is very tender - continue with stretches, tennis ball massage, neural stretch.
L ankle - some tendonitis so I have to massage around inner ankle throughout the day and apply anti-inflammatory gel. If not improved in a couple of weeks, then consider a cortisone injection.
Next appointment - next Friday

Friday morning - swim

Session - 300m wu; 200m pullbouy; 200m kick (sans fins); 3 x 100m (30sec RI)
Total distance - 1km

Started swimming and breathing to alternate sides but by the second 50m I knew that today was not going to be a good day for breathing to alternate sides. So I reverted to my usual swim style of breathing only to my left side every second stroke.
100m times: 1.52min/1.59min/1.56min

Week 1 of 18
Day 4 - Thursday
Session - 10km inc fartlek

Workout - 10.3km; 54.36min; 555cals inc:

Warm up - 3.15km; 17.01min
Av pace - 5.24min/km
AHR - 141; MHR - 165

Fartlek session - 2.2km inc 4 x 45sec efforts (2min RI)(11min)
Av min/km pace for 45sec efforts - 4.45min;4.40min;4.23min;4.25min
AHR - 152; MHR - 165

Cool down - 5km; 26.35min
Av pace - 5.18min/km
AHR - 154; MHR - 166

R glute was complaining as per usual, particularly as I had run the day before. Not only does it complain about hills, now it also complains about running consecutive days. It is becoming one very fussy and finicky glute.

It was a perfect morning for running - no wind, cool without being cold and blue skies. Every now and then there would be a flash of red, blue and green as parrots flashed past, and the occasional squawk from a sulphur crested cockatoo.

Thursday evening - yoga

It was not a good night for me - my balance deserted me, my glute and hamstring were sore, and I was tired. I almost fell asleep during the relaxation period at the start of the class - lying on my back with my legs up the wall (Viparita Karani). Then our instructor thought it would be a good night to try some balance poses - the type where you balance on one leg, with one hand on the ground and the other leg up in the air. If you found that hard to follow try doing it! I wobbled one way, then the other, then fell over a couple of times and finally gave up. We also attempted handstands again - several versions, but I couldn't do any of them. It was such a frustrating class.

Tomorrow (Saturday):
(am) Sleep in
(3 pm) mini triathlon - 300m swim; 8km cycle; 3km run


Al Carter said...

Tomorrow morning looks good - a sleep in is always a good thing.
Good luck in the mini-tri - your southern hemisphere race season is frustrating to all of us frozen northern hemisphericals!

Susan said...

parrots? wow, why can't i see parrots when i run . . .

seems like a great workout week - sorry about your niggle ankle and shitty mood - bleh. Maybe when you find your balance, it will get better. : )

Cliff said...

That mini tri looks fun :)..

What's tennis ball massage??

Hilda said...

Soory to hear that glute is not improving, it sounded like it was better...
Will that mini triathlon be on you own? was it scheduled?
I want a photo like your in the previuos post... I haven't figured out how to get one.

Cirque said...

I hope you get on top of all those niggles and next week is better for you CJ.

Jen_runs said...

So sorry to hear that your niggles aren't improving. Make sure you look after yourself - fingers crossed for a quick recovery from your niggles.


Tesso said...

Hope the resting up helps CJ.

Sounds like you are doing the right thing with all the stretching etc. Fingers crossed that all does the trick and you don't have to resort to the big needle.

Good luck with the mini-tri.

Lulu said...

I hope you don't have to resort to a cortisone injection CJ. I always laugh when I read your yoga posts because they remind me of when I used to do it.. and why I gave it up :)

D said...

Ok CJ, what exactly is a niggle any way? Hope your mood and niggle ankle (???) get better!

Luckylegs said...

"Tennis ball massage"! that hurts! Sorry you're having troubl with those niggles, CJ. I won't be trying that yoga stand in a hurry either! Hope Christmas is a good one for you.

KIT said...

Hey our butts should get together!!! I have just about got mine to play fair with the rest of the team... with lots of tennis ball action. Although I upgraded to a really hard ruber dog ball! It hurts but gets right into that piriformis. Keep up the rolling... you will eventually beat it into submission!

Rae said...

You're kidding me - you guys have kangaroos AND parrots??? You've got to take some pics for me! That's just too cool. (Although I really do have a HUGE fear of birds that stems from being pecked in the eye by a baby chick when I was younger. No injuries or anything tragic like that. But i refuse to go in the bird house at the zoo under ANY circumstances.)

A Girl Running said...

I am sorry your feeling cranky, shitty and miserable. Cortisone injections for some work wonders though...hopefully you won't need it