Friday, December 02, 2005

Run for cake

I haven't been completely slacking off this week (I have an ear infection and so am taking things a little easier).

In order to enjoy the Chocolate Mousse cake (which by the way, was absolutely delicious - imagine layers of chocolate mousse sandwiched between layers of chocolate cake) we had on Wednesday night for our youngest son's 21st birthday, I decided to re-run one of my old routes - one that used to do about 7 years ago when I first started running. Now that I had Garmin Girl I could see how long it actually is - I used to think it was sooo long!!!

Session - run (sole purpose was so that I could eat cake guilt-free!)
Distance - 7.8km (To think I used to think this was such a long run!)
Time taken - 41.21min
Av pace - 5.16min/km
AHR - 152
Calories - 417 (yep, that should cover cake consumption!)
Fave song to run with - Filthy (Gorgeous) - Scissor Sisters

A good run. It was interesting running this course again after so many years, and to see what has changed. The route runs along a creek in Latham - there used to be weeping willows and some other sort of deciduous tree growing along the banks of the creek. These have mostly been removed because they are considered pests ie introduced species. Apparently native species of trees will be planted - it does look very bare at the moment. The creek was flowing well due to the rain we have had recently. It had been a very cool morning but by the afternoon was quite warm - probably the first glimpse of sunshine we had seen for a few days.

Thursday morning - cycle
Distance - 21.9km
Time taken - 52.55min
Av spd - 24.9kph; max spd - 42.5kph
AHR - 139; MHR - 163
Calories - 461


Katie said...

How was the cake????
My glute probs were almost idenitical, but on the left side! I am very close frineds with my tennis ball... Well after killing a few tennis ball I iunvested in a hard rubber dog ball- it does not break :-)

2P said...

Nothing like having your cake and being able to eat it guilt free CJ.

Hope your ear gets better soon ;-)

Tesso said...

Mmmmm, cake :-)

Ah, I'd been meaning to get that song but had forgotten all about it. Thanks for the reminder!

And re your previous post, I know how you feel about fitting all the exercises in. They seem to take so long don't they.

Susan said...

Take care of that ear. Did Strewth get the link I sent her to see her header?

Hilda said...

Woow very good news, is great to know that stretching is that good!!
I will follow your marathon training closely!!!
I want some of that chocolate cake!!

Jennifer P said...

Wow! You were just flying! Excellent time!+

D said...

Thanks a lot CJ - I just gained 5 lbs from reading about that cake! Smart way to eat cake - run first!! I like your Physio by the way saying you can still run!

For shoulders, I typically do Lateral raises, upright rows, and front raises - military press when I am at the gym.

Rae said...

Very pretty!! I think the #1 reason I run is for my sweets!! The Pyramid is a big downtown arena here. Since Memphis is named after Memphis, Egypt they built the sporting arena around that theme. It's very cool and smack on the arena.

Tesso said...

I snaffled Filthy (Georgous) and am addicted already. Its definitely gonna be on my playlist for the Kurrawa race next weekend :-)

I grabbed "Dare" by the Gorillaz at the same time. Got it? If not I reckon you'll like it.

miners said...

Hey - as good an excuse as any for a run. Good cake can't be denied.

As to the google images, this is some advice I offered to lulu and a couple others recently:

I had some trouble with google earth in the past too. My computer at work can print out the thicker lines - my computer at home (which is much slower) won't.

What I found was the difference was in the "tools" section. On the window that opens up there should be a row of tabs along the top. The first one is "view" which is the one to click on (if it isn't already open). On that window, there should be 2 options for the "graphics mode" - either OpenGL or DirectX. My computer here at work is set on OpenGL - but my computer at home can't handle that mode apparently and is stuck on DirectX. It's that setting which I think doesn't allow you to change the width of your lines.

If you ARE in OpenGL, then to actually change the width of your lines you need to right-click on the particular run that's in your list on the left. That should bring up a window allowing you to "edit". In the "edit" window, you need to check the "advanced" box. Here there is an option (a sliding bar) where you can change the width of the line.

Once you save the image (in google as a jpeg) you can then use adopbe photoshop or another graphics software program to add the annotations!

Hope that helps - email me if it doesn't work though

BTW - Thanks for fixing up the Harrop/Hacket guff for me - always get them mixed up!