Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Easy 10km run

I'm currently downloading music and since we use dialup its taking forever - so I thought I'd update my blog while I'm waiting.

Rest days over, it was time to get back into marathon training...and not of the eating kind. I decided to run early in the morning before it got too hot, as it was forecast to be about 30*C today. Also Strewth was dropping her ipod into me before she left for Sydney - a very brave woman, she is entrusting me with compiling a playlist for her!!! Then there was the shopping - I was taking son#3 shopping so he could exchange a t-short that he received for Christmas. Somehow he also managed to get 2 more t-shirts, 1 shirt, 2 pairs of boardies, a pair of sunnies and a book as well!!!!

Marathon training update:
Week 4 of 18 (easy week)

Session - easy run
Distance -10km
Time taken - 53.30min
Av pace - 5.20min/km
AHR - 146; MHR - 161
Calories - 537

A very pleasant run - obviously 10km runs agree with me at the moment - long enough so I feel I've got a workout, short enough so that I don't crash and burn in glorious CJ style!! The glute was niggly and the back a little stiff but nothing out of the ordinary, and probably better than it has been for a while.

I am thinking of buying a pair of racing flats for the marathon, so obviously they have to have a little bit of support, but not as much as the Asics GT 2100s I run in at the moment. Any suggestions?

Now its back to the downloading.......


Wobbly man said...

10k in a good time - nothing wrong with those workouts. What music are you dowmloading?

Hilda said...

Hi CJ!
29 at 6:00?? That is sooo high. It seems it doesn't improve at night does it?? Was i complaining?
I also have a very slow conection an never download music for that reason, but which page you use??
I also bought new running shoes, I choosed nike air triax 9 but they are about to arrive.
I am going to retire with all the honors my nike shox, they worked absolutly fine.

Susan said...

CJ Great 10k time.

How do you do the charts in your sidebar? I want to do a 2006 event calendar.

Lulu said...

Sounds like you are back in fine form CJ..must have been the Christmas chocolate giving you lots of energy!

D said...

Nice fast 10K! I like your cat story on your previous post. Having the incident on video would have been great!

Cliff said...

That's a very cute cat in the pic below.

Tesso said...

CJ, sounds like your son is a marathon shopper :-)

That's great going for a 10k training run by the way.

I'll be interested to hear what you do re the racing flats. I've been thinking the same thing for myself for a couple of years now.

Rae said...

I love my ipod, I don't know what I'd do without it and my Garmin!!

10K is a great distance - a nice workout but something that doesn't take all day! I don't know a thing about racing flats but the Nike Frees look cool....