Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Earth to CJ..........

Sleep, eat, work, sleep, eat, sleep....get the picture!!! That's been my week, punctuated by the occasional run and swim. I'm still tire easily but my running is improving, and on Saturday night I managed 2 champagnes and 4 Banana Daiquiris at friends' Xmas party, without falling over or falling asleep!!! I'm now officially on holidays for a month. Yay!!

Thanks for all your kind words - I am taking my iron pills (with orange juice TA!) and having lots of rest, and while I'm not exactly bursting out of my skin just yet, I am getting there.

Marathon training update (warning - this will be boring)

Thursday 15/12/05
Distance - 10.15km
Time taken - 56.04min
Av pace - 5.32min/km
Calories - 580

Saturday 17/12/05
Distance - 22km
Time taken - 1hr 57.06min
Av pace - 5.19min/km
AHR - 163; MHR - 217
Calories - 1,224

Week 3 of 18 (already!)
Monday 19/12/05
Distance - 8km
Time taken - 43.29min
Av pace - 5.26min/km
AHR - 141; MHR - 164
Calories - 462

Today - Tuesday 20/12/05
Distance - 12km, running the last 4km strongly
Time taken - 1hr 4.08min
Av pace - 5.21min/km - the last 4km was run at an average pace of 4.52min/km
AHR - 147; MHR - 172
Calories - 696

R glute felt a little sore about halfway into the run, about the time the ache in my L ankle disappeared! Gorgeous morning for running - cool but sunny blue sky. Wasn't struggling with the last 4km like last week when I was having problems maintaining 5min/km pace. Its all good! Needed a nana nap this afternoon.


Lulu said...

Glad to hear you're beginning to feel better CJ. Have a lovely month off work; you deserve it.

speedygeoff said...

Good work, CJ, you seem to be going well still.

The boring bit isn't boring at all..

BuckeyeRunner said...

Nice job on your training, CJ! Keep it up!

2P said...

WOW that last 4k you were on fire - really glad you are starting to feel more chipper CJ ;-)

Hilda said...

Good to have you back, I missed you a lot!!!
Your postings aren't boring at all, how do you handdle to reach 217????
I hope you are feeling better now.
Enjoy this month holiday!

Susan said...

Nice hydrating - I've never tried a banana daiquiri, but they sound really yummy.

Wow, your pace is great - keep up the good work!

Cliff said...

Did u realize your pace for 22 km is faster than the pace for 10 km?

That's pretty good.

Jen_runs said...

Reading about your marathon program is never boring CJ!

I'm really glad to hear that you are feeling better. 4 weeks holiday is sure to make a difference!

Merry Christmas to you and your family and best wishes for the coming year. Thank you for all your advice, support and encouragement throughout the year. I really appreciate it.

miners said...

ah ... good to know you're still there. Hope the iron input thingys work wonders for you (as the daiquiris did as well I bet).

18 weeks already?? Things move too fast these days

KIT said...

Enjoy your break!!! Well deserved. I am glad to hear you are starting to pick up... good timing- you will be able to peak for April :-)

Have a great Christmas- Eat, drink and be merry! I hope santa is kind ;-)

Tesso said...

Banana Daiquiris - good carbs :-)

Going by the times you are running you are seem to be well on the road to recovery CJ.

Rae said...

So good to hear you're feeling better! Happy Holidays!!