Monday, December 12, 2005

Official tri results, long run and Canberra Half Ironman

l-r Strewth, CJ, Kezza (photo courtesy of Strewth)

Official results - Saturday's mini tri
Time - 34.45min
Splits - 7.19min swim/ 19.02min cycle/ 8.24min run
Place - 24th overall (of 190 competitors); 1st in age group (of 12 competitors)

Marathon training update:
Week 1 of 18
Day 7 - long run

Distance - 20km (12.43miles)
Time taken - 1hr 48.25min
Av pace - 5.25min/km
AHR - 150; MHR - 205
Calories - 1,114
Weather - warm, about 22*C (71.6*F)

I had it easy compared to the 800 or so competitors who were competing in the half Ironman - I was only doing a 20km run, they were swimming 1.9km, cycling 90km and running a half marathon. After watching Miners finish his swim leg and head off on his bike (he is the most laidback person I've ever encountered before the start of a triathlon event!), Strewth and I started our long run, planning on finishing before Miners got back from the bike leg.

I ran with Strewth until we had crossed Kings Avenue bridge, just to be sure that Strewth knew where she was going as we would soon be running separately. Had my trusty ipod for company and headed off around Lake Burley Griffin to the beat of Rogue Traders, Scissor Sisters, and the like. Glute and ankle aches and pains were noticeable and at one stage I was contemplating slowing to a walk because the ankle was giving me a lot of grief. However the ankle ache did settle down and I plodded along, drinking regularly and consuming 2 packets of GU at the 8km (4.97mi) and 17km (10.56mi) marks respectively.

About 4km from the end of my run the first Half Ironman competitor came running down 'Hospital Hill' - way way ahead of the next competitor. This was Leon Griffin who finished in 4hr 9min, 10min ahead of the guy who came second. I was to encounter him again near the end of my run (one way to get a bird's eye view of the event!) I had a good run - 100% better than the long run I did last Sunday.

After finishing the long run Strewth and I resumed cheering duties and kept an eye out for Miners - who managed to sneak in from the bike leg and head out on the run before we realised. However, it wasn't long before Miners appeared in view, looking strong on the run leg. managed to get a photo and cheer - I have to say its hard work cheering and trying to take photos! Aki joined us at this point and proved to be a vocal cheer squad supporter! We also managed to see Ironbee out on the run course - well, it was easy spotting the guy with antennas on his cap! The morning was starting to warm up - it was going to be a long hot morning for some competitors out on the course, particularly on those parts of the run course where there was absolutely no shade whatsoever.

PRB, Speedygeoff and Geoff B joined us at some stage - after Miners had finished I think. We also managed to cheer in our ex-coach Vicki who was smiling and looking pretty damn fresh for someone who had just completed a half ironman! We also met Highwayman and a couple of others whose names escape me. Miners finished in 5hr 6min but I'll let him tell his story - after all, it was his day! And from what I hear, he's qualified for Ironman 2006! Woohoo!

...and its got me thinking....hmmmmm, maybe I could do another half ironman next year....and then Ironman 2007! I really shouldn't watch these events - its not healthy!!!!


2P said...

Hey CJ that run looks strangely familiar :-)

You are right - Miners is one cool customer and a hellava nice bloke to boot.

1st in age group and 24th overall - woooohooo I reckon 2007 is looking pretty good ;-)

Jen_runs said...

Nice work in the mini-tri CJ. I have to agree with 2P; Ironman 2007 has a nice ring to it :-)


Lulu said...

Another first in your age group! You'll need a big display cabinet for all the race bling you're collecting.

Sounds like it was a good day out watching the ironman. I'm sorry we couldn't make it due to stoopid work!

Rae said...

Great pics!! What a beautiful day you had, too. AND, congrats on your great finish! You need to do an Ironman, we can all show up as your cheer squad!

KIT said...

Well done CJ!!! 1st in age group... fantastic! Oooh Iron man 2007... thats exciting!

miners said...

Wow CJ - 1st in age group for your tri? That's fantastic and certainly deserved a little more space in your post than the pics you managed to get of me - which are fantastic btw.

Great to finally meet you (and strewth and aki briefly). It was great to get the support after the swim and during the run out there. Sorry I didn't get to see much of you after the race at all - the ice cream beckoned ...

Gee - 1st in your age group. A second ironman for you should be a piece of cake!

strewth said...

Aaaah - it's like seeing double. I opened your blog and saw my photo. I thought I pressed the wrong button! Great result in the tri - well done!

Hilda said...

Being there in such an active day around so many athletes should be an incredible ambiance for getting inspired for wanting more!!!
Congratulation!!! (again!!!??) you are such an athlete!!!!
Very very nice photos.

Cliff said...

Good run.

I dislike your title. Chocolate is too tempting. Our landlord gave us a box load of chocolates. And now it is sitting in the kitchen tempting me.

There is a box of dark chocolate with alcohol inside..oh those are so tempting..

E-Speed said...

congrats on the 1st place. That really is a "mini" tri huh 34 minutes and your done?

go girl said...

Well done CJ! You just keep on coming up with the goods this year.

Yes, next year will be very exciting if this year is anything to go by.


Friar said...

Didn't take too long to get stuck into the longer training runs.

Keep it up and you'll have a good marathon.

TA and the Gnome said...

Isn't it fun being part of the CR cheer squad!! Glad you enjoyed the day and congrats on your tri result.


BuckeyeRunner said...

Nice work on your tri! I'm loving your pictures! It is so cold and snowy here, I relish the thought that somewhere, out there, it is sunny, warm, snow-free, and people are doing triathlons.