Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I love watermelon......

..and summer, and warm days, and summer clothes, and holidays. I don't like running in the middle of the day, but first thing in the morning in summer is the best time to run. I haven't been swimming or cycling but have been shopping and doing breakfast and lunches with friends this week.

Had a close encounter with a sporting star this morning when Mr CJ and I were in a bike shop selecting a pair of sunnies for me (my Christmas present). The shop is owned by Dean Rogers (who served me) and who should also be in the shop but his brother, Michael Rodgers. Yes, THE Michael Rodgers - world time trial champion, Tour de France competitor - he has a mean set of quads and calves!!!

Anyway, I digress....back to my running exploits.

Week 3 of 18 - marathon training

Workout - easy run
Distance - 12km
Time taken - 1hr 5.24min
Av pace - 5.26min/km
AHR - 145
Calories - 693

The glute was letting me know loud and clear that it really didn't agree with running this morning, even at easy pace. But in true CJ fashion, I ignored it and plodded on, in the vain hope that if I ignored it, the niggle would go away. I know, there are gaping holes in my logic.

Reading other blogs tonight I feel like I'm plodding on and everyone else is just getting faster and better. Silly, I know; logical, its not. The Christmas silly season is getting to me and I'm consuming far too much chocolate. At this rate, come New Year it will be lard-arse CJ waddling on!!!!


Al Carter said...

well they say if you can run through it it's not too bad, when you can't run through the pain or discomfort, that's when you ahve to worry!!!

aaah summer - happy midsummer day - we're hitting the low point of short days today - am happy about this - the days get longer from here on in!!! Yipppppeeee

Susan said...

Lard-ass Susan is right behind you.

How funny to think of watermelon for me. Enjoy your summer and your morning runs!

Hilda said...

I just stopped comparing myself to the rest and try to continue enjoying myself.
You are already the best... what else do you want??
It should be exciting to met someone like him... who is he??

Jen_runs said...

Forget the running story, let's go back to a description of Micheal Rodger's legs ;-)

Hope that annoying glute comes good for you very soon !

Bennyr said...

Depends on which blogs you read, CJ.

You probably have to worry more about recharging the batteries than what all those other buggers are doing.

Merry Christmas!

2P said...

CJ - keeping well fed and watered is a big component of marathon training and carbs are the most important of all - so keep eating chocolate :-)

I wish I was plodding on as "slowly" as you!

KIT said...

Hey CJ!!! Enjoy the silly season... you will certainly NOT be plodding! Damm these glutes... there seems to be an epidemic! Although mine is playing fair at the moment... although my knee is a bit niggly- never ending!

Have a great christmas!

Tesso said...

CJ, it would take a hell of a lot of chocolate to turn you into a lard-arse!

miners said...

I love watermelon too - and laughing at the logic that you displayed in your post!

All the best for the Chrissy break - hope santa is good to you. It was fantastic to finally meet you, and I'm looking forward to catching up with you again in the new year!

(nice name-drop. We'll have to see who can come up with the best one in 2006!)

Wobbly man said...

Everyone else is getting faster? Certainly not me! I last run a week and a half ago and then a week before that! Sometimes the niggles stay but sometimes they go too - I would have done the same as you (if that helps).

Rae said...

Summer....I'm so jealous!! My summer tan has totally faded away now, but I did buy some watermelon at the grocery the other day so I'll toast to you when I eat it!

Happy Holidays!