Thursday, December 15, 2005

A kilometre too far...

Tried running 10km yesterday afternoon.....

Stats: (warning - these are really sad!)
Distance - 1km (1.6mi)
Time - 5.44min/km

By the time I had run a kilometre I knew that I couldn't go any further or any faster - I was tired, breathless and felt really really tired. So I stopped, turned around and walked home. Had something to eat and then fell asleep on the couch at 7pm, woke up at 9pm and went to bed where I promptly fell asleep again until 6am this morning.

So what's the problem? I had blood tests on Monday because I had been suffering a range of annoying symptoms over the last couple of months that were gradually becoming worse, including:

Tiring easily
Frequent headaches
Racing heart or palpitations
Becoming irritated easily
Concentration difficulties
Cracked or reddened tongue
Loss of appetite
Slow recovery after long or hard runs

The diagnosis.......iron deficiency anaemia. The blood tests confirmed it so now I feel relieved...tired, but relieved! Relieved because a) its not all in my mind and b) its easily fixed. I'm now on iron supplements and hopefully should pick up over the next couple of months. However, in the meantime I can't believe how tired I am, or how quickly I get fatigued. Its starting to show up in my running now, but I noticed it with my swimming a couple of weeks ago - I was getting breathless very quickly even though I wasn't swimming fast. The annoying thing is I have actually been careful with my diet this year (I'm vegetarian) and have been eating properly, compared to other years when my diet has been a complete disaster-zone!

So my list of woes is growing:
glute/lower back problems
tendonitis - ankle


miners said...

Really glad to hear it's turned out to be an iron deficiency which as you say can be easily treated. Reading your post, I was worried it would be leading up to a story about glandular fever or chronic fatigue!

I guess you've really been ramping up the training in the last few months - particularly with the big weekend. Just take it easy for a few days till you feel level again :)

Cirque said...

I'm glad you have a diagnosis now CJ, and one that can be fixed relatively easily. I hope you bounce back quickly once the supplements kick in.

KIT said...

Easy fixed!!! Thank goodness it is the end of the year! Dr's orders- take a few days rest and eat well! I am a vegi as well.... the similarities are scary- they say we all have a twin! My glute is doing ok (touch wood)... lots of stretching the hammie also seems to be helping. How are you going???

Bennyr said...

It's great when it's easy fixed. I guess it's one of the things we herbivores have to watch. Easy fixed.


Hilda said...

You were not complaining at all?? that's incredible!! you just mentioned something about technical problems while swimming.
If you were with this anemia and still training so hard and racing, I think is logical that now you are feeling so tired!!
The other fact you should take on count is that is an easy problem to solve, take iron, and resting as today will help a lot.
You are the best cj, in this conditions and always number one!! Maybe slowing down specially this days that are full with events and things to do will fit fine.
Please complain as much as you can.

Tesso said...

Hmmmm, and I always thought chocolate was full of iron. Or was it that I like to be full of chocolate when I iron :-)

It is a relief its nothing too serious.

And you will be back to normal before the serious Canberra training starts.

TA and the Gnome said...

Glad you got the tests and are on the way to fixing it. (Putting the professional cap on :-) Remember the iron will absorb better if you have some vitamin C with it and avoid having Calcium and Tea within 2 hours of ingesting the iron as they effect its' absorption.(sermon ended)

You should start to feel better in a week and be roaring in a month!!


Cliff said...

Glad u find out the problem...:)

Al Carter said...

well at least an iron deficiency is easy to fix. I must take iron supplements - thanks for the reminder. I'm a veggie too and am not eating enough iron type foods right now.

Friar said...

Which is a warning to us all.

Just because we feel tired etc, doesn't mean we are running or exercising too much.

Hope your solution works CJ and tou're back on track before you know it. :-)

2P said...

Good news CJ but I don't know how it could've happened - I thought all you try-afaletes ate rusty nails for breakfast :-)

PS I don't think your stats are sad - they show mighty good judgement ;-)

Very much looking forward to following you marathon quest.

Cheers, 2P

Rae said...

I'm sorry to hear you've not been feeling well but glad to know they've diagnosed it and it's manageable. My cousin has the same problem and feels great as long as she has the right foods and plenty of rest. Considering your recent race times I can't imagine how much faster you'd be at 100%! Have a great weekend!

Susan said...

Iron, wow. I hear that is common among endurance female athletes.

Get some rest and take car eof yourself.

Al Carter said...

CJ - in answer to your q on my blog Trance is like electronic dance music - very repetitive beats in an electronic form.

Lulu said...

Glad to hear it was easily fixed. Your symptoms sound a bit like mine so I'll get my Dr to check out my iron too when I see her in the new year.

Sounds like you'll be full of beans again in a few weeks..btw I think there is a LOT of iron in chocolate :)

Ewen said...

You're a disaster area CJ! Stay away! It's all that triathlon training! They're dangerous!

I've heard this is helpful:
try cooking your vegetables in cast iron pots.

RunDave said...

I thought I might add from my wife's experience that iron supplements can result in rather bad constipation. Keep up the fibre and try to get more iron from dietary sources as well. Also make sure you get plenty of Vit C because this facilitates iron uptake.

Jennifer P said...

Glad to hear that you'll be OK. And sometimes it's harder to quit a run than keep on going. Good for you for making the right choice.

A Girl Running said...

I'm glad its something so easily improved. I have been taking iron supplements for 17 years now (I have the same anaemia problem) I feel really great when I take them so I am sure you will soon too.

have a wonderful xmas and looking forward to reading your blog in 2006

D said...

What a relief to know what the problem is. Hopefully, you will start feeling better soon!