Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Crrrruissseeey 10km run

Marathon Training update:
Week 1 of 18
Day 3 - Easy run

The program called for a 10km easy run. 'Easy' meaning running at a comfortable pace, somewhere between 5min and 5.30min/km - I chose the latter.

Distance - 10km (about 6.2mile)
Time - 54.54min
Av pace - 5.29min/km
AHR - 150; MHR - 168
Calories - 566

After the usual first 10mins when even 6min/km seems like race pace, I settled into a very comfortable rhythm and in fact, was surprised that the gap between me and Garmin Girl was growing (with me leading) because the pace felt quite slow. The R glute was a little touchy to begin with but once I'd warmed up it wasn't bad, unless I was running uphill - it complains bitterly about hills at the moment. The L ankle however began aching about halfway through the run. I'm beginning to sound like an old crock!

For the run home I encountered a headwind - always fun, though I did appreciate the coolish breeze as it was quite warm (about 25*c/77*F). Once I'd finished the run it was a matter of stretch, stretch and more stretching.

(am) Run - 10km fartlek
(pm) Yoga


Hilda said...

It should be so great to be always challenged by so many events!! You are starting just in time for the marathon!!
Running with hills... can't you avoid them while you recover?
It was quite boring to run in the treadmil,and it will be worst now that I know Garmin.

Lulu said...

Garmin girl let you win eh? I must try that one with Garth at the weekend!

Hope the glute starts behaving. I'm ignoring mine's complaints but am booking in for a serious pummelling at the weekend.

2P said...

Not bad for an old crock :-)

Hope Garmin Girl does not sulk too badly! Great to see your marathon campaign get under way CJ - look forward to following your progress ;-)

KIT said...

Hey CJ!! I was really excited to read you have started your canberra training! I had a bit of a panic when I realised it is only 18 weeks away ahhhh! What have I committed to! It will be nice to compare notes and niggles along the way. My glute and hamstring is a bit grumpy today... I am trying to book in for a deep tissue massage!
Woo hoo ... canberra here we come!

Rae said...

77 degrees! I am so jealous!! We're topping out in the mid-30's these days....Get some sun for me!

Cliff said...

Sounds like a good run....