Wednesday, December 07, 2005


"And what can I do for you today?"
"Well I have tight calves, sore glute, piriformis problems, tightness in the lower back, L ankle is a bit stiff..."
My marvellous massage therapist certainly earns her money when I come through the door, once a month!

Deep tissue massage is a wonderful thing - painful, but oh, what a good pain. No wimpy, wussy, namby pamby relaxation massage for me - its prod, poke, stick the elbow in, knead and generally pummel me into shape.

However, instead of running 12km after work, as part of my marathon training program, I dozed off on the sofa! So, second day into my training program and still no running - good program!

Tuesday morning - cycle

Session - road cycling inc 6 x 30sec efforts thrown in at random
Time - 50min
Distance - 20.43km
Av spd - 24.4kph; Max spd - 42.3kph
AHR - 129; MHR - 159
Calories - 433

Frustrating session - my average speed is slow and just never seems to improve. This week I hate my bike. End of story.....

Marathon training update:
Week 1 of 18
Mon - no running
Tues - no running


Cirque said...

I like your program CJ. Do you think that would work for me too?

Friar said...

That's it - start slowly and work towards the full program ------ eventually.


2P said...

Hey CJ, can I please contract you to be my coach - only one condition, I only want wimpy, wussy, namby pamby relaxation massages in my program ;-)

Tesso said...

I reckon the only wonderful thing about the deep tissue massage my guy gives me is when he stops.

I noticed on the shelves in Coles today 70% dark choc Lindt Balls :-)

Hilda said...

wimpy, wussy, namby pamby, don't know even one of those words, sounds like something good??
I am following your marathon training closely, specially because it always seem to be working a lot!!!

Rae said...

We're getting massages Sat afternoon and I can't wait!!! It's been 10 weeks which is WAY too long! Which marathon are you training for?