Sunday, March 25, 2007

Walking a fine line........

M minus 21

I woke up this morning with a sore throat.

Today was a rest day anyway - I was timekeeping at the monthly vets handicap run at Kowen Forest. It was good to catch up with everyone, particularly Kerry.

So far, since SFT I have done the following:
1st week - no running
2nd week - 3 runs, 12km, 16km, 24km
This week? - no running while I have a sore throat

Marathon goals (revised since SFT):
1. Get to the start line!
2. Finish!
3. Under 4hrs
4. PB


Jen_runs said...

Wise idea CJ. You have done more than enough work over the last few months - besides, 3 weeks out you aren't going to gain any fitness. Look after yourself, rest up & you will fly at Canberra !

iliketoast said...

It's taper time again .... don't you just love that!

Tesso said...

Take it easy CJ. We want to see you make goal 1. And 2.

About goal 3, I think it is a bit soft.

Goal 4 is my favourite - hope you get it :-)

Ewen said...

Oh no! Take care. There's a big gap between #3 and #4, although 3:30 is under 4 hours I guess. How about beat Tesso to the marathon mark?

Nutrire bene la vostra malattia!

Clairie said...

Heh CJ, make sure you nurse that throat. Not long now till Canberra and I have my fingers crossed that you get to #4.

Friar said...

Your goal is to do well/finish the Canberra Marathon, so take it easy in the meantime.

IHateToast said...

it's good of you do support the handicapped vets. they do a lot of work with kittens and puppies, but it's harder to do in an unwieldy wheelchair.

Vanessa said...

Good post.