Monday, March 05, 2007

4 sleeps to go

Tuesday Total: 5.1k
Week Total: 15.4k
Month Total: 40.6k
Year Total: 644.8k

Time: 22.01min
Av pace: 4.16min/km
Av Temp: 19.2*c (6pm)
Rel. Humidity Av: 56.3%
Wind Spd Avg: 25.5kph (ESE)

Kilometre splits:
1 - 3.55min/km
2 - 4.10min/km
3 - 4.18min/km
4 - 4.29min/km
5 - 4.33min/km

Lately, people have been asking me how I feel knowing that the SFT is not far away. Up until today I didn't know how to answer that because I don't know what to expect, I've never been to the Blue Mts, let alone watch the SFT. Today, though, every now and then the butterflies would start. I'm getting nervous. Saturday is not that far away......

The cross country race this afternoon was good - really enjoyed it. I went out fast, settled down and came home comfortably into quite a brisk headwind. Figured I shouldn't do anything stoopid!

SFT playlist - part 2

21. I can't give you what I haven't got - Living End
22. Rockefeller Skank - Fatboy Slim
23. Love me or hate me - Lady Sovereign
24. Word up - Korn
25. Golden Skans - Klaxons
26. The angry mob - Kaiser chiefs
27. 1985 - Bowling for Soup
28. 19-20-20 - Grates
29. Suddenly I see - KT Tunstall
30. Once and Never Again - Long Blondes
31. Turn up your radio - Masters Apprentices
32. Enter Sandman - Metallica
33. You could be mine - Guns'n'Roses
34. One said to the other - Living End
35. Rock the Casbah - The Clash
36. Joker and the Thief - Wolfmother
37. Daddy I'm fine - Sinead O'Connor
38. Paint it Black - Rolling Stones
39. Start Me Up - Rolling Stones
40. Are you gonna go my way - Lenny Kravitz

Begin the carbo-loading diet - it works for me
am: easy 8km run
noon: massage
pm: Italian class followed by dessert at Belucci's with VIPs!


Friar said...

Bring it on.

You've done the hard yards in training, and got a lot of good advice.

Blue Mountains is a great place to visit, especially to soak in the atmosphere of such a great event.

Tesso said...

Congrats on that speedy 5k! Wow, a sub 4 min km to start - noice :-)

And more good songs. Love The Grates ...
19-20-20, 19-20-20
19-20-20, 19-20-20
19-20-20, 19-20-20
19-20-20, 19-20-20

2P said...

Wow CJ - ignorance is bliss - my only advice is keep your eyes closed near any views on the drive up.

They are only little hills -really ;-)

You are sooooo ready for Six Foot you are going to go great.

iliketoast said...

This post reads "All systems go, we are ready for take-off"

R2B said...

you will have a blast out there CJ!

won't need the MP3 much thoughas there will be so many ppl to talk to...all part of the excitement!

See you at the finish!


R2B said...

Oh and by the way the hills are nearly as big as your imagining will lead you to believe.A fraction of those canberra mountains!


R2B said...

Oh and by the way the hills are NOT NOT NOT nearly as big as your imagination will lead you to believe!!!A fraction of those canberra mountains!

GRIFFIN said...


From one CR to another ~ go Cool Runner go !

You have been absolutely amazing these last few months - now go and smash that 6ft track !