Thursday, March 08, 2007



Cap - check
shorts, singlet, crop top - check
socks, shoes, sunnies - check
Garmin Girl, HRT monitor/strap - check
Ipod, fully charged - check!
Espresso Love GU - check (I'm fussy)

I'm on my way to SFT. It will certainly be a day to remember so I plan on making it a happy memory! Next entry will be all about the day.

Good luck to everyone doing SFT and Weston Creek Half marathon!

SFT Playlist - Part 4

61. Stray cat strut - Stray Cats
62. The Car Song - Cat Empire
63. Round & Round - Bodyrockers
64. Bohemian Like You - Dandy Warhols
65. No Way Back - Foo Fighters
66. DOA - Foo Fighters
70. All My Life - Foo Fighters
71. Flathead - Fratellis
72. The Sharpest Lives - My Chemical Romance
73. Hate to say I told you so - The Hives
74. I got you (I feel good) - James Brown (this one is a given!)
75. Put your money where your mouth is - Jet
76. Rip it up - Jet
77. Twisted Transistor - Korn
78. If I could talk I'd tell you - Lemonheads
79. Plastic Loveless Letter - Magic Dirt
80. Rock Star - Nickelback
81. Can't get my head around you - Offspring
82. One Fine Day - Offspring
83. Can't get enough of you baby - Smash Mouth
84. I'm a believer - Smash Mouth
85. On My Way - Spiderbait
86. Black Betty - Spiderbait
87. Buy me apony - Spiderbait
88. Counting the Beat - The Swingers
89. Vertigo - U2
90. The Saints are Coming - U2 & Green Day
91. Seether - Veronica Salt
92. Keep fishin' - Weezer
93. Woman - Wolfmother
94. Break my stride - Matthew Wilder

Plus some others to pad it out to 6.5hrs of music.


E-Speed said...

Good Luck! Have a great time!

Friar said...

From the website, more info will be posted there soon we hope.

And looking forward to all the reports once everyone has recovered.

Unofficial results:

Fats 1st in race record 3.24.11
Matt Robbie 2nd in 3.26
Jo Blake 3rd in 3.30

Way to go Fats. Bring on the world!


IHateToast said...

where is "happy flappy pusspuss pants" by jellie and the screamers?

Friar said...

Well done at Six Foot.

And huge congrats on being part of the ACT Women's Winning Team.

That's Great.