Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Taking it easy

Wednesday Total: 16k
Week Total: 28.3k
Month Total: 136.3k
Year Total: 740.5k

Time: 1hr 26.13min
Av pace: 5.23min/km
AHR: 150; MHR: 169
Av Temp: 18*c (7.10am)
Rel. Humidity Av: 83.6%
Wind Spd Avg: 4.8kph (SE)
Started with: Enter Sandman - Metallica
Finished with: I was Alive - The Whitlams

This morning's run went well. I have some tightness at the back of the legs which I noticed in the latter half of the run. I have another massage scheduled for next week. That's not the problem. Tiredness is the problem. More precisely it is taking me longer than usual to recover from the three runs I've done this week.

The plan was for a 11km run tomorrow and an 8km easy run on Friday, followed by a 32km Cross Country event on Saturday. This has been revised - I am now having two rest days and then I will run the 32km event on Saturday. Running tired serves no purpose and certainly won't help me come marathon day.

And now for something completely different - this is where we will be spending our second last night in Singapore...reservations have already been made!!

Chocolate Buffet - Now on Thursdays
Now available on Thursdays, The Fullerton’s famed Chocolate Buffet at The Courtyard is delightfully yours an additional day of the week.

Fulfill your chocolate fantasies with a rapturous buffet of chocolate desserts, melted chocolate drinks and a chocolate fountain overflowing with irresistible smooth dark chocolate, every Thursday to Saturday.

Be it a birthday celebration, gathering of old friends or romantic evening out, the Chocolate Buffet at the elegant Courtyard provides the perfect setting.

The Chocolate Buffet is available every Thursday to Saturday from 8pm to 11pm at S$32 per adult or S$40 with a glass of dessert wine, and S$16 per child.


Tesso said...

OMG, a 32k cross country!!! I didn't think they made them that long. Good thinking resting up beforehand.

PS Mmmmmm, chocolate buffet ... :)

2P said...

B Group vitamins CJ - lots of them ok?

Berroca is as good as any - and it has magnesium to help those tired muscles to recover.

Ewen said...

No Tesso, it's 32k on a bike path - 2 laps of West Basin.

That's a good one to try and negative split CJ. Perhaps a bit slower than marathon goal pace for the first lap?
Good luck. Bail out at 10 miles if feeling tired.

Così, presumo che il cioccolato è il piatto principale. Che cosa è per il dessert?

R2B said...

Ma! Sempre cioccolato!
Porche non mangare il gelato?

Good luck if you run the 32!

iliketoast said...

You like-a to eat-a the Choco-latte ... as yo see my Italian not so good

IHateToast said...

oh all that is sacred and profane...

i'm heading to singapore.